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GreenLite New Product Tuesdays

Ever open your lunch bag and dread pulling out those vegetables that were cooked the previous day? Once crisp and vibrant they are now soggy and flat! You could bring your choice of vegetable “raw,” but not everyone is a fan of them uncooked. So what is a healthy eater to do if they crave cooked veggies?

We recently discovered a convenient solution that is perfect for packing your on-the-go lunch, the Sistema KLIP IT Microwave Steamer!


4/5 greenlite stars

The Sistema KLIP IT Microwave Steamer not only stores your vegetables, but it’s also microwave safe (freezer and dishwasher safe as well) so that you can steam them. It comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) to choose from. For meals, this nifty steamer is not just limited to vegetables, you can also steam fish and poultry (but we think this might make for a bigger cleaning job afterwards).

Using the KLIP IT Microwave Steamer is extremely EASY. Simply add water to the base container, place your vegetables in the steaming colander, clip on the lid with the steam vent open and pop it in the microwave…that’s it! We did a test run using 1.5 cups of raw broccoli and after 1 minute they had steamed up nicely (a little crunchy, not too soggy). If you prefer well steamed vegetables, you might want to consider leaving them in the microwave for 1.5 minutes (or per your personal preference). If you stop the microwave to find your veggies are not soft enough, you can always put them right back in for a bit more time.

While we enjoyed using the KLIP IT, we were not fans of the fact that it is plastic (though it is BPA Free). Reheating plastics may release chemicals which can then pass onto the food you are cooking. Sistema, however, also has an assortment of other non-microwaveable products that are perfect for carrying your meals.

The Sistema KLIP IT Microwave Steamer products, range from $10-$16 (depending on the size). You can find it at places such as Amazon.com. If you are interested in other Sistema KLIP IT products, please click here.

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