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GreenLite New Product TuesdaysHow many times have you opened the food cabinet looking for something to eat despite having had a meal only an hour before, or maybe seeking food to give yourself a “lift”, or get past the boredom, or ease the stressful feeling under your skin? In our fast paced, post industrial world, it is extremely easy to be unaware of why we seek food. Sometimes we may think we feel hungry, but if we truly “check in” with our body, we may just simply want to eat. We may realize that our attempt to fill our stomach or stimulate our taste buds may simply be a call to fill an emotional void or relive stress from a hectic day.

At GreenLite we try to provide our clients with as many tools as possible to support them in their weight loss efforts. We think aromatherapy and doTerra essential oils can be an extremely useful tool to not only help manage your stress levels but can also help to curb emotional eating.


5/5 greenlite stars

“A scent is worth 10,000 words.” You simply need to experience essential oils in order to fully understand and believe in its power, even WE were skeptical at first. Many of us at GreenLite Medicine were new to aromatherapy but became advocates after we experienced the oils first hand. Watch for yourself and check out the video below to see how the high stress environment of Vanderbilt’s Emergency Room was affected by the oils:

Aromatherapy can induce feelings of relaxation or alternatively elevate the mood, depending on the oils used. The olfactory (smelling) organ in the nose is closely located to parts of the brain that influence emotions and influence the reward centers of the brain. Aromatherapy can influence various emotional problems and stress levels which can sometimes result in overeating.

For the past month we have been sampling doTerra essential oils in our Mountain View office for our clients to experience first-hand. Although there are many essential oils available on the market, we were particularly impressed by doTerra’s exceptional level of quality control. DoTerra is the only company who’s oils are classified as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and are 100% natural, free of any contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues. The herbs used for their oils surpass organic standards and special care is taken so the oils are properly extracted and distilled. Many of their oils are pure enough to be ingested internally (one drop of peppermint oil equals 20 cups of peppermint tea!). The more common ways to experience the aroma is to drop the oils on pressure points or to place the oils in a diffuser (a machine that heats and disperses the oil in the air).

DoTerra offers a wide variety of single oils, (lavender, peppermint, orange) as well as oil blends (serenity, purity, elevation) and even has a blend specific to appetite control, called “Slim & Sassy”, which is a blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon. The price of the oils range from $14 to $50 depending on the type and blend of oil, and considering the outstanding quality of doTerra products, this price is relatively reasonable compared to other oils on the market.

Experience the oils for yourself and sample them in our Mountain View location. You can also enter our raffle for a chance to win yourself a complementary bottle of essential oil! If you are a client that doesn’t come to the Mountain View office and you’re interested in sampling the doTerra products, simply ask the front desk and we can arrange an aromatherapy experience for you at your GreenLite location. GreenLite is currently selling a limited quantity of the essential oils, but if you are interested in the full spectrum of doTerra products, they are available online.

NOTE: GreenLite has NO financial incentive or arrangement with Do Terra’s representative for the sales of their oils. We only offer the purchase of the oils as a convenience to our clients.

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