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GreenLite New Product Tuesdays

Congratulations! You’ve lost the weight, now let’s help you keep it off. The Body Trace might be the perfect companion! Imagine your scale reporting back to the GreenLite team, graphing your trends and emailing you if your weight begins to creep up. Continued accountability and feedback increases your chance to maintain your weight goals by teaching you how to better monitor yourself.

The Body Trace scale is a truly unique tool to help support you in your weight loss and weight maintenance efforts. While typical bathroom scales simply show your current weight, this clever re-invention charts your daily weight online without any complicated configuration.


5/5 greenlite stars

Tracking your weight and your progress in general is a key aspect to maintaining your weight loss and reinforcing healthy habits to become part of your routine. The Body Trace scale is the ultimate tool to support this tracking and offers a visual reference to where you are in terms of your weight loss progress or weight maintenance. The scale uses cellular technology to track your weight and sends the information to their daily log which then charts the numbers online. This scale allows you to monitor the changes in your body and take action when needed. Seeing your progress charted in such a visual way truly helps reinforce healthy habits and identify some of the things that may be interfering with your progress towards health.

The Body Trace Scale retails for $79 (plus shipping), which includes a year subscription to their online weight charting database. Considering other high tech scale retail for about the same price, we think this price is more than reasonable.

Since discovering this amazing tool, the GreenLite team and BodyTrace have teamed up to incorporate this tracking system as an option in our maintenance program. Daily weight information is tracked through body trace and sent to our GreenLite database, if your weight goes out of a “normal maintenance range”, your educator will send you an email of support to maintain the accountability that lead to your success on the program. Our new and improved maintenance program works on a 6 month subscription basis and includes 8 visits (monthly +), your body trace scale and subscription and the same wonderful GreenLite community support.

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  • Gerri

    What a fabulous tool! Thanks Greenlite for staying up to date with technology so that your clients will reap the benefits when life throws them a curve while participating in the maintenance program.

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