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New Product Review: Innovator 300 Fitting a full day’s worth of healthy meals and snacks in one lunch bag can be quite the challenge. Luckily, we found something to make traveling with your food a lot simpler.

The Innovator 300 Meal Management Cooler is big enough to keep more than three healthy meals fresh and delicious with plenty of room to spare. It also comes in four colors to choose from: black, blue, hot pink and grey!

New Product Review: Innovator 300


5/5 greenlite stars

We really love all the storage space that the Innovator 300 has to offer for meals on the go. It has a compartment for organizing all of your supplements, two insulated side compartments for carrying drinks, snacks or utensils, and an adjustable internal shelving system for meals in containers.

The interior of the Innovator 300 is fully insulated for keeping food hot or cold. If you need to clean your bag, it can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap for spot cleaning.

The Innovator 300 also comes with some additional accessories that any traveler will appreciate: 2 Gel Packs (keeps food cold for 8 hours), 3 containers (BPA/PVC free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and leak proof) and ergonomic padded shoulder strap.

3/5 greenlite stars

The Innovator 300 is currently only available at sixpackbags.com which means if they run out of stock, it may take a little time to receive your bag. Hopefully in the future this bag can be purchased from other stores other than just the manufacturer’s website. This bag also is currently on pre-order. Orders will not start shipping until June 2013.

4/5 greenlite stars

The Innovator 300 is available only at sixpackbags.com for $69.99. Some might find this this bag to be costly, but for those that can benefit from all the storage use, it may be well worth the price.


The Innovator 300’s storage space really makes this bag shine. Anyone who needs to carry a day’s worth of food with them will find this bag helpful for staying on track with a healthy diet.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or inquiries for our New Product Review segment, please feel free to email us at products@greenlitemedicine.com


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