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Calm Plus CalciumThe recommended daily intake for calcium is 1000mg – 1500mg depending on your age and menopausal status. If you are in weight loss mode, getting the recommended calcium intake through real food while staying on plan can be a real challenge. Adding calcium supplements to your diet can be a big help, but beware that calcium supplements can cause or worsen constipation.

Magnesium on the other hand, can help with constipation. Magnesium can also help with insomnia, leg cramps, and muscle twitching if caused by low magnesium.

Behold, we discovered a new product that has a combination of calcium and magnesium in an easy hot citrus flavored “tea-like” drink. It is called Calm Plus Calcium and is GMO free, gluten free and has a vegetarian based forumla.

New Product Review: Calm Plus Calcium



Ease of Use:
5/5 greenlite stars

Calm Plus Calcium is very simple to use. Follow the suggested amount to take as noted on the container and put the powder into a glass or mug. After that add 2-3 oz of hot water, let it get fizzy and then stir it until it has dissolved.  You can add more warm or cold water or keep as a small tea.

Benefits of Use:
5/5 greenlite stars

Calm Plus Calcium can help with a variety of things such as stress, inability to sleep, fatigue, muscle tension, spasms and cramps, constipation, anxiousness and nervousness, irritability, headaches, PMS and hormonal imbalances, weakening bones, abnormal heart rhythm and calcification of soft tissues. Many people have been raving about it improving their health through reviews at places such as Amazon and iHerb.

Please note that individuals should limit their dose of magnesium to no more than 350 mg per day unless prescribed by a physician. Nausea and diarrhea are the most common side effects of magnesium overdose, rarer side effects include dizziness, flushing, and drowsiness. Do not take a magnesium supplement if you cave compromised kidney function. As always, consult one of our medical providers or your primary care physicians before beginning a new supplement regime. Read more about magnesium by clicking here.

5/5 greenlite stars

Calm Plus Calcium comes in two flavors, original unflavored and organic raspberry lemon. We tested the original unflavored version and enjoyed it. It was very palatable and did not leave any after taste.

5/5 greenlite stars

Calm Plus Calcium comes in either an 8oz or 16oz container and ranges in price depending on where you find the product ($15-$46.95). For what you pay, you get a lot of product so we think the cost is reasonable.

You can find places to buy Natural Calm by visiting the company website and clicking on the “Where to Buy” link which will give you an option of browsing through physical retailers, online retailers, or directly from the Calm (Natural Vitality) web store.


If you are looking for a new way to take magnesium and calcium as a daily supplement, we think Calm Plus Calcium is a great product to try out!

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or inquiries for our New Product Review segment, please feel free to email us at products@greenlitemedicine.com

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  • Jessica Jones

    Does the calm plus have any drug interaction, or effect any health conditions?

    • GreenLite Medicine

      Hi Jessica! Great question. None of the medications we dispense have any interactions with calcium/ magnesium, but some antibiotics will ask that you not take them with calcium. If you’re concerned about a specific medication you are taking, contact your primary care physician or at least your pharmacist.

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