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June is Men’s Health Month.  This is the perfect time for men and those who love them to start thinking about all the things that impact a man’s health.  The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to promote the importance of awareness of preventable health issues among men.  The major goal is to get men moving toward the doctor’s office to seek medical advice and early treatment for disease and/or injury.  May is the perfect time for you or the men in your life to start thinking about disease prevention, maintenance, and overall well-being. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, men are 80 percent less likely to go in for regular medical checkups than women.  This is alarming, because men, on average, have a poorer quality of life and die younger than women.  Men are also less likely to have a family practitioner whom they see on a regular basis and also less likely to have health insurance.  Moreover, men are less likely to see a doctor after experiencing symptoms.

Men’s Checkups by Decade

– Twenties and Thirties: While some may believe that you can just sail through health maintenance in your twenties, regular check-ups for men should begin there.  A man in his twenties and thirties should be thinking about things like their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, weight, depression, and even testicular cancer.  Men with BMI’s out of a healthy range should consider seeking advice from a weight-loss physician.

– Forties: A man in his forties should add vision and kidney function to the list.  Plus, men in their 40s should start thinking about prevention of circulatory and coronary disease.

– Fifties: Men in their fifties should take preventative measures against of colon and prostate cancer.  If there is a family history of colon or prostate cancer, these measures should be taken earlier.  This includes getting proper screenings and living an overall healthy lifestyle.  

– Sixties and Above: Osteoporosis and dementia are health issues that men in their sixties should be working with a healthcare provider to prevent. 

This June, take the time to ensure you and/or the men in your life are taking steps to have a better quality of life.  This includes eating healthy, working out, and going in for regularly scheduled check-ups.  This also includes being in tune with the body enough to know when something is off and to seek additional medical advice outside of regular appointments when warranted.  If excess weight-loss is an issue, then a weight-loss physician can help.


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