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To continue our meditation education, here are a few more tips and tricks to help with your practice.

Try the buddy system.  Much like exercising your body, meditation can also benefit from sharing the practice with friends.  For example, if you are someone who likes a dieting partner in crime, you may want to recruit a meditation buddy.  You do not have to meditate in the same room at the same time with a friend.  Just like helpful dieting apps, meditation apps can also be shared amongst friends.  Meditation apps can add friends or even a group of friends to encourage regular practice, track each other’s progress, and even share tips and tricks.  Remember, sharing is caring.

Make your space sacred.  Yes, “making your space sacred” sounds like a cheesy message from a bumper sticker.  But, it does not make it less true.  Again, just like working out, it is important to have a designated space to practice being mindful. If you have the luxury to have an undisturbed space to yourself, that is fantastic.  There are no rules to a meditation space other than to be comfortable and surrounded by things that you love.  If that means candles, flowers, cozy pillows, or scented essential oils, great.  Other ideas are pictures of loved ones, motivational sayings, or photographs of your favorite places.  Or, it may mean a completely uncluttered, clear space.  Whatever works for you. If you do not have a designated, uninterrupted space and you enjoy having things you love around you, consider keeping a meditation storage box.  Keep everything that works for you in a container that is easily accessible to bring out for your meditation practice.

It is all about the breathing.  The most uncomplicated way to stay present during meditation is to just focus on your breathing.  Meditation experts advise that you try to stay with your natural breathing.  Do not try to force breathing or a pattern of breathing that feels uncomfortable or unnatural.  Again, this is all about trying to stay present and to clear your mind. Try to concentrate on how you are breathing, how your chest feels as it rises and falls with each breath.  Or, you may be someone who observes breathing in the abdomen or shoulders.  Again, whatever works for you.  Many people find it helpful to count from one to ten as they breathe and then starting over at one.


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