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We recently published an article on the health benefits of meditation.  To delve more into the education of meditation, we have compiled a 2-part installment on everyday meditation tips.

Have a clear goal.  Whether it is wanting to alleviate stress, have better quality sleep, improve work performance, enhance your focus, lose weight, achieve a sports-related milestone, or just get through the day, it is best to pick one concise goal for your meditation session.  Staying consistent and focusing on a goal will help your mindwn and really concentrate.

Do not try to block your thought process.  A common misconception about meditation is that you should not and cannot allow your brain to wander.  That is not the case.  Your mind will ping all over the place like a pinball machine when you first start practicing.  The key is NOT to block your thoughts but to recognize, identify, re-center, and clear them.  The more you try to suppress your thoughts, the harder it will be to free up head space.  Medis all about teaching the mind to unwind and be still, and that takes practice.

Get ready for emotion purging – a lot of it.  Do not be alarmed or caught off guard when you start your meditation practice if a multitude of feelings come to the surface.  Everyone experiences different things when meditating, but everyone has different obstacles and hurdles when sitting with their own feelings.  Know that you are not alone if meditation brings up a whole spectrum of things; anxiousness, boredom, impatience, feeling overwhelmed, or exhaustion.  Do not let these feelings derail your practice and remember to keep breathing.

 Try to start your day with meditation.  Starting off your day with your meditation practice can set the tone for your whole day.  It is a great way to focus on what is important to you and put your mind in the correct headspace.  Think of it as a quiet pep talk before a big game.  This is a great tool to have if you are trying to lose weight.  If you cannot meditate when you first get up, make sure to schedule a time during the day.  Keeping your meditation practice consistent is optimal, but it is always better to do what you can when you can versus nothing at all.

 Think of meditation as a workplace enhancer.  As if the health benefits are not already great enough to sell you on meditation, the workplace benefits are pretty impressive.  According to Project Meditation, “Business owners have reported that among employees who meditate, absenteeism is lower, production is higher, and the quality of their work is better.”

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