“I met with Dr. Rugh and found out that I had high blood pressure which I never knew about prior to my first visit at GreenLite. I started the program without the appetite suppressant, which at first concerned me because I always felt hungry. Dr. Rugh prescribed a blood pressure medication, got my blood pressure into the normal range, and then I was given the lowest dosage of the appetite suppressant to assist me with reaching my weight loss goals. Dr. Rugh is a warm, caring person who is also very professional, and she tends to the needs of all her clients.” Renee Levy

The doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at GreenLite Medicine are experts in obesity medicine and REALLY understand how your fat metabolism can be affected by age, gender, and other metabolic conditions. As medical providers, they are able to look at your total health picture as they treat your weight issues. They may utilize FDA approved appetite suppressants to help with hunger, which can sometimes be a helpful tool.

Dr. Sooji Rugh meets with Greenlite Medicine client Jodi Murphy.