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2746142159860666522-account_id=3The path to losing weight will inevitably lead you to a strict diet plan that limits specific foods you are able to eat and foods you should try to avoid.  For some of you, sticking to your diet plan may not be difficult at all, but for the busy bodies in the working world, time to think about what your meals consist of may be very challenging.  Breakfasts are always hard when you are struggling with everything else in the early morning.  Lunch hours are limited and finding options  that work within your diet plan can be inconvenient and expensive.  You could always default to a salad every lunch, but let’s face it, that becomes very boring and bland.  Dinners can also end up being a rush and drag after a long work day or a battle with rush hour traffic.

But, do not despair!  Here is a solution that can resolve the difficulty of daily diet plan dilemmas: Meal Prep Sunday.  Meal Prep Sunday (or whichever day you have off) is a day where you reserve a block of time (usually 3-4 hours) for prepping meals for the entire upcoming week.  This includes preparing, cooking, and portioning all of your meals.  By doing this, you can make meals as easy as grabbing a tupperware and you are set.  Prep the meals you have the most difficulty with in order to prevent stressing over your diet plan later in the week.  

Here are some ideas and tips for batch cooking for your diet plan:


  1. Hard-boil eggs and a spinach sautee
  2. Frittata with Zucchini and Shallots
  3. Cheese Omelette with Chili Peppers
  4. FAGE yogurt and pre-portioned fruit


  1. Decide on one to two options for lunch for the week.  If you like variety, pick two opposing meal options that utilizes a protein and vegetable, such as zucchini pasta in tomato sauce with turkey meatballs and balsamic fish with a vegetable medley.  
  2. Pick a stove-top and an oven recipe to cut the cooking time in half.  
  3. Make sure to cook in bulk and then measure and portion out meals to work with your diet plan.  
  4. Get reusable, microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe containers for convenient usage.  Some places also sell tupperware with predefined compartments for the different parts of your meal.  
  5. Make sure to buy foods that will not spoil too quickly.


  1. If you know you will have some time to cook your meals, make sure to pre-marinate and/or prepare vegetables ahead of time.  Keep them in ziplocs, so they are ready for quick, easy cooking.
  2. For baking or slow cooker recipes, prepare pan or pot of food and refrigerate until needed.


  1. Make sure you are also planning for snacks as you are prepping your main meals.  Buying small ziplocs and pre-portioning your snacks will make it easier to not diverge from your diet plan between planned meals.  
  2. You could cut vegetables sticks and pair them with cheese, pre-portioned dip, or dressings.
  3. Another option is to pack a small yogurt with a small fruit.


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