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Salad with Avocados“What do I cook?”
“How often must I make food?”
“I don’t have time.”

These are the common issues that prevent many people from changing their eating habits.  Learning to prepare meals is easy and can make all the difference when it comes to your weight-loss success and overall health.  It all comes down to choosing simple recipes, doing groceries ahead of time, and making enough food to last you all week.  It is meal planning.

Here are five quick and easy steps for meal planning:

1.  Invest in high quality food containers.  They are your new, best weight-loss buddies!  Not only are they easy to use – just grab from the refrigerator and go – but they are also environmentally-friendly.  Make sure you get containers that are microwave safe.

2. Choose your recipes ahead of time.  Pick your favorite, healthy foods to make them your daily staples, and make sure you get a healthy mix of Greenlite-friendly ingredients: lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and health fats.  If you need some inspirations, check out these recipes.

3. Pick one day of the week to do your groceries.  Usually, this is best done on Sunday before the work week, but find which day works the best for you.

4. Prepare healthy, weight-loss meals for the week.  Then, refrigerate or freeze the food in separate containers.  Make sure you have 3 meals a day as well as healthy snacks to keep your metabolism revving!  Here is an example:

Breakfast: Grab ‘n’ Go’s “Turkey, Sausage, and Cheese Quiche” with 8oz of 1% milk
Mid-morning Snack: 1 Laughing Cow Cheese with 3 Medium Celery Stalks
Lunch: Easy Chef Salad
Mid-afternoon Snack: 2oz Apple and ¼ FAGE yogurt
Dinner: 3oz Flank Steak, 6oz Sauteed Spinach, 1tsp butter

5. Repeat weekly!  This will soon become routine, and you will not even have to think before doing it.

Preparing your meals in advance not only saves you time, but also money that you would have otherwise spent eating out.  That leaves more money for that vacation you are planning!  Planning out all of your meals will also help prevent you from making impulse junk food buys that will sabotage your weight-loss process.  Most of all, remember to enjoy meal planning.  Cooking can be fun, and your week will go much smoother when you do not have to worry about what your next meal will be.


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