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Planning quoteWhen a new year starts, everyone has the best of intentions to begin the year off on the right foot. Many times, people end up getting stuck in the thinking phase and not actually taking action and executing a concrete plan.

Here are a few practical tips for starting the year off right!

Grocery shopping

How many times have you thought to yourself “I have nothing to eat in the house” and ended up making bad food choices while on a diet program? Do not give yourself the opportunity to fall into that trap and schedule your grocery shopping. If possible, schedule it the same time every day (or days) of the week. To make it even easier on yourself, consider trying a grocery delivery service. Some popular local online services include Safeway, Google Express, Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and SPUD.

Meal planning, part 1

You can have a refrigerator and pantry full of healthy food, but it will not do you much good unless you actually prepare it. Carve out a time (at least weekly) to do several things: plan your week’s meals and prepare them. Read our post on Mason jar salads to get creative with preparing salads in advance.

Meal planning, part 2

Be sure that you have enough reusable food containers for the foods you eat. Invest in a quality, insulated bag to take to work. Make things as easy on yourself as possible and plan accordingly. For example, if you are a soup eater, make sure you have soup containers and spoons to take to work. This may sound basic, but it is a common problem that can easily be remedied. Bottom line: have the tools you need on hand in order to be successful.

Track your progress

If you have not used a fitness app before, 2016 is the time to try one! There are so many apps on the market, so you are bound to find one that works for you. Tracking your diet program’s progress will help keep you honest (so to speak) and keep you accountable for your choices. You may also want to consider a fitness tracker, like a FitBit or Jawbone.

Schedule exercise

A lot of clients ask what the best exercise is for them. Here is the secret: the best exercise is the one you actually enjoy doing and will stick to. If you were told that running was the best exercise and you hate running, you can imagine what will happen. You will detest exercise and most likely will not continue it long-term. Schedule a time to exercise and stick to it, even if it is something simple-like a brisk morning walk with your dog. Consistency is key. Plus, exercise is not just for weight loss. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that improve your mood. So, take advantage of this time for yourself, inside and out!


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