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Written by Jodi Murphy

What’s happening to me? What’s wrong? Strike that, it’s what’s right that has me doing a happy dance. Last week, I went on a mini-vacation down to Orange County to visit my parents and sister. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other and I just decided to take off and go. Typically, visits turn into eat-a-thons as we celebrate our being together and enjoy each other’s company after a long hiatus apart. And this visit? Well, it was an eat fest too BUT I lost 3 pounds in the process. The difference is that I made smart, healthy choices, kept the portion size under control, and, most importantly, I didn’t feel stressed out about it. In fact, I felt satiated, not deprived…content and not secretly longing to binge…and non-judgmental about my choices and everyone else’s, too.

I didn’t put limits or restrictions on me and a surprising thing happened…I didn’t feel a longing or desire to eat anything out of the ordinary. Case in point: My mom, sister and I took a ride over to Balboa Island after having a nice lunch in Newport Beach. I grew up in Orange in Orange County and I don’t think I ever visited this quaint downtown area. We strolled along the streets, going in and out of shops, taking in the cottage home fronts, and stopping to catch the view of the bay. On our way back to the car, my mom and sis stopped at Dad’s for an original Balboa Bar, vanilla bar ice cream bars hand-dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. And not once…NOT once…did I have any thoughts of getting one myself or thinking how could they be doing this in front of me? Now you may be thinking, “Seems to me she’s really obsessing about it if she’s writing it down,” but it’s the truth. If I had wanted one, I would have ordered it and not felt guilty about it because I would have allowed for the special indulgence and then gotten back to the daily routine.

No, for me, I was indulging in the moment and savoring a crisp, sunny day sitting on a park bench with two of my best pals. Happy dance!

Jodi Murphy has written for Gentry, Gentry Design, California Home and Design magazines, as well as several popular blogs. She has developed branding campaigns and marketing programs for clients in a variety of industries including interior design, sports and high-tech. The Journey Back To Me is a special column she is writing for the Greenlite Medicine community. As her articles unroll, and her journey begins, she hopes you’ll join in the conversation.


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