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By Lea McIntosh, CEO, Founder, and host of NestingNewbies.comfile4051303080738

The skinny life can spiral away very quickly if you are not focused and committed. I have been maintaining in the 160s for several months and even got as low as 160.4! But the pressures of starting up a company built up to the point that I just got so tired of being “good,” I ended up sabotaging myself. Within this past couple of weeks, I finally let loose and ate just about every indulgence I had been resisting: pizza, fries, candy, cheesecake, ice cream, cheese steaks, taste of root beer (an especially “big” no-no for a former Coca-Cola junkie), and this morning I ate two incredibly delicious, best-ever, sugar glazed-raised donuts from Stan’s and washed them down with a Starbucks Grande Caramel Macchiato (yeah, all 224 calories of it…at least it was “skinny”)! You are probably thinking “YIKES!” and “Where is all of this going”?

What I realize is this…believe it or not; I have truly come so far and have really changed my relationship with food. Huh??? You must be thinking how can that be? Eating all of that crappy food, how could I have possibly changed?

Well, the OLD me didn’t give a second thought to what I was eating, and I never took the time to understand the “why” behind my craving crappy food. This morning those two beautifully glazed donuts were an epiphany. I realized that occasionally caving in and eating treats is par for the course while I try to understand my old and new food relationships on this “changing my lifestyle” journey. The metaphor that came to me as I indulged on donuts was that sometimes fear of becoming older makes us crave our youth: pulling out an old yearbook, photo album, or these days hopping onto our computers to visit Facebook, reminiscing about old, young friends. It made perfect sense to me that under great stress, I craved reconnecting with some old food relationships. Just like I’ve left behind so many former friends for good reasons, I still have some foods that I need to leave behind, too.

Well, today I am giving myself permission to occasionally reconnect with some old food relationships. In fact, I think it is healthy and realistic to occasionally fall of the wagon. If I don’t fall off along the way, then I won’t ever truly learn to face my food fears and really get back on track to making better, healthier choices.

Overall, thanks to the ever-evolving nutrition education I am receiving at Greenlite Medicine, I am learning to consistently CRAVE a balanced diet of quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and an occasional sweet treat. Today, I give a high-five to my yummy glazed donut splurge for the holey reminder that I CHOOSE to live a healthier lifestyle; it doesn’t choose me.

Gym clothes are on right now, I’m heading out the door to 24-hour fitness, and 150s here I come!

Lea McIntosh, CEO, Founder, and host of NestingNewbies.com, has been on her Greenlite journey since October 2008 and has lost a total of 90 pounds. Follow Lea’s Weight Loss Evolution here.

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