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Real Weight Loss Stories | Spotlight on Lea M.

Lea M. 

Age: 39 years old

Start Weight: 250 lbs

End Weight: 165 lbs*

Weight Lost: 85 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Learning the accountability to succeed

Most Mindful Tip: Try Fage greek yogurt with low calorie flavorings

I spent my entire twenties trying to figure out how I could lose weight and keep it off.  I tried everything from obsessively exercising, calorie restrictive diets such as Jenny Craig and even participated in a weight loss study with Stanford Hospital.  While some of it provided results, because I wasn’t really given the tools and guided how to permanently make a change in both my eating and lifestyle habits, the weight loss was never for very long.  Along came my thirties and I had the good fortune of hearing a friend’s testimonial of Greenlite Medicine.

In August 2008, I was meeting a close friend regularly for business and within three weeks she had lost 17 pounds.  *Huh? It sounded too good to be true! I asked her a lot of questions about both her diet and the program. In the back of my mind, as she was telling me all of the details, I was thinking, it must just be HER luck.  Then, I saw her again two weeks later, and her total weight loss was already 25 pounds!* So, I thought to myself, this can’t just be luck, there has got to be something to this program. Hmmmmm… At that point, all I could think about was how happy I would be if I could lose that same amount of weight in only 5 weeks. She had seriously caught my attention and got me thinking. After much debate with “myself,” I decided to give it a try.  A week later, I made the phone call to Greenlite Medicine. I am so grateful I did, because I have lost 85 pounds and have been able to maintain the weight loss for over two years!*

I started the Greenlite Medicine program in October 2008.  While everyone has been amazing and supportive, I have truly enjoyed working with Maria Sayare and Dr. Sooji Rugh.  They have been there for me through my most frustrating moments to my most celebratory “scale” moments.  I am not sure if I would have had it in me to succeed without their support.  In their own quiet way…they didn’t let me get away with anything, which is really what you need to succeed outside of the program.  At the end of each day, only one person is accountable, YOU.  This is what I have had to learn to make this a lifestyle change.

The most challenging part for me has been finding an exercise regime and figuring this part out is the last leg of the journey.  I am still trying to find what works best for my body and my schedule.  I am a goal-oriented person, so it is easy to feel like I have failed when I don’t keep on track.  Recently, Maria said to me, “just showing up is the WIN.”  She was right.  Whether it is 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or an hour, it is really about just getting out there and moving.  When I do get out there and move I like to combine cardio and weight lifting.  I use Oxygen Women’s Fitness magazine, The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, and Fitness Builder iPhone app for inspiration. The change I have most appreciated is the change in my body size.  I went from a size 24W to a regular size 10/12.   My choice for clothes has expanded greatly.  I am learning to love wearing cute clothes more than loving to eat tasty treats.  And have learned how to turn those tasty treats into healthy snacks.

I went from hating yogurt to LOVING Fage greek yogurt!  This is a nearly everyday staple in my diet now.  There are a few things I like to do:

  • Add a tablespoon of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter to a Fage yogurt cup.  It’s like eating pumpkin cheesecake!
  • Add three tablespoons of PB2 to a Fage yogurt cup.  Sometimes I have a peanut butter craving.
  • I have created Greek Yogurt Dip Recipes.  My favorite is Herbed Buttermilk, but some may like to spice it up and make the Smoky Chipotle.

Since I lost weight I have been on the most incredible journey!!  With my new found confidence and renewed self, I launched a website and online magazine called www.NestingNewbies.com

I am getting a chance to meet new people, share cooking ideas and inspire others and so far we can’t keep up, since our fans are asking for more!  More than anything, I am now getting a chance to do all the things I love!

*Actual Results May Vary

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