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Lance Gidel

Age: 61 years old

Height: 6’1″

Start Weight: 254 lbs

End Weight: 208 lbs*

Weight Lost: 46 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Increased flexibility to play golf

Most Mindful Tip: Reduce caffeine and diet soda intake


“My wife and I decided we both needed to lose weight. I had heard about GreenLite Medicine while listening to KRTY on the radio and told her about it. She checked out the web site and we signed up together within a few days. The experience has been an all-around positive and supportive experience. Although making the time for weigh-ins and weekly visits was at times a challenge for my busy schedule, I made it work. Doing the program with my wife motivated us to make it to our weekly visits where we were always greeted with the receptionist, Kelsey’s smile. Both the health educator Molly and the medical provider Kira have been extremely helpful and supportive and made the visits enjoyable. Their knowledge, professionalism, and easy-going manner have helped to make being on the program a very good thing.The medical supervision, the daily appetite suppressants, the knowledgeable staff at our weekly visits, initial lab tests, EKG and the utilization of body composition analysis is what attracted us to the program.

I love playing golf whenever I get the chance and with the weight loss and my increased flexibility I am hitting the ball 20 to 30 yards farther. In addition to the weight loss I have been able to greatly reduce my caffeine and diet soda intake. I have gone from two dozen Diet Pepsi per day, to at the most of 1 per day. The loss of weight, reduced caffeine and elimination of diet soda has left me feeling fantastic! ”

*Actual Results May Vary


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