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9d0c306e11ea05558d2fd86b16031e97-labor-day-poster-with-workers-holding-the-worldWho doesn’t love a three-day weekend?  During time away from work, it is important to relax and recharge, but it is also a great chance to stay in the active fat loss mindset.  There are several ways to make this upcoming Labor Day weekend exciting and engaging for you and your family.

Host a Healthy Food Potluck: Long weekends offer the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family.  Instead of hosting a regular barbeque or potluck loaded with unhealthy foods, ask everyone to bring a healthy dish or beverage.  Challenge them to tweak a favorite family dish that offers more nutritional value.  You can even make it a fun family cook-off!

Volunteer: Even though you have three days away from work, one can be set aside to helping others.  Try to find something that connects to your personal passion or professional goals.  If you select a volunteer experience that involves active movement, then burning some calories for accelerated fat loss is an added bonus.

Connect with Nature: Since Labor Day is on the cusp of fall, temperatures are pretty mild and gives you a chance to explore nature.  This is a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy the sights and sounds that nature has to offer.

Break a Bad Habit: If you have been struggling with a bad habit, a long weekend gives you an extra day to cope with the impact of going cold turkey from a negative behavior.

Kick-start a Good Habit: A three-day weekend also gives you a chance to kick-start a healthy behavior.  If you have had a hard time waking up early enough to workout, a long weekend might be your chance to get the ball rolling.

Try a New Recipe: Mix things up in the kitchen.  Load up your favorite healthy recipe app or visit the GreenLite recipe library.  Go to the grocery store, and get cooking.  Challenge yourself to try a new recipe every day or experiment with different spices to make different versions of the same dish.

Host a Mini-Olympics Weekend: This is a great opportunity to promote physical activity while enjoying some fun time whether by yourself or with others.  You can take a fitness class that you have never tried before.  Or, you can challenge yourself to a three-day triathlon.  Select an activity that will get your heart pumping and boost fat loss each day of the weekend.  You may choose to run on Saturday, swim on Sunday, and bike on Monday (or choose whatever order you like).  Choose distance goals appropriate to your current physical state.  If the weather is not cooperative or you just enjoy working out at the gym, replace running outside with running on a treadmill and biking with cycling.  You can even get your entire neighborhood in on the action by setting up an obstacle course.  However you decide to celebrate, you can make this Labor Day Weekend optimal for fat loss, healthy, safe, and fun!

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