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Kristi C.

Age: 43 years old

Start Weight: 183.6 lbs

End Weight: 132.4 lbs*

Weight Lost: 51.2 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Confidence wearing a swimsuit, dress, or shorts

Most Mindful Tip: Read food labels and making clear-cut goals

I tried boot camps, cleanses, and gyms to try to lose weight. I was an athlete growing up and never learned how to eat correctly. I knew that I could get a few runs in and lose the weight. As I aged, I packed on the pounds and needed to get serious about how much weight I really had to lose. When I got honest with myself, I realized how much I had to lose and that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed the accountability. 

I started GreenLite in June of 2013. I had heard about GreenLite on the radio. I like the accountability and weekly check in, and I liked that GreenLite focuses on nutrition first. The amount of weight I lost was all in the fat percentage which made me feel that I was doing it in a healthy way. With the gained knowledge, I lost weight without adding exercise.

I travel for work. Being on the road makes it difficult to navigate food choices. Angel (the medical provider) and I set out clear-cut goals for being on the road and making smart choices. I know now which restaurants at the airport have hard boiled eggs and how to read food labels.With the support of GreenLite, I successfully travel for work and stay on point. Crockpot cooking also makes it easy to succeed.

I started riding at SoulCycle when I was heavier. I liked the idea of riding in the dark, doing something for myself, not comparing myself to others. It became something to do for myself without comparison. This helped jump start my activity. Now I am hiking and running again – and trail running with my friends!

It is so much more fun shopping for clothes when the clothes fit. I have had to update my entire wardrobe! I am finding a new style and enjoy getting dressed now instead of dreading it. I like being active. Now more confident to wear a swimsuit, a dress or shorts!

*Actual Results May Vary

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  • Brian

    I have known Kristi for yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrsssss!

    Trust me…if she says “it works”…then it works!

    Big Fan of Kristi

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