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josh final

Josh R.

Age: 46 years old

Start Weight: 311.5 lbs

End Weight: 277.5*

Weight Lost: 34 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: No more diabetes, heart condition, or respiratory issues.*

Most Mindful Tip: Bringing Quest Bars for traveling

Prior to seeking help from GreenLite, I was morbidly obese with all the health problems that go with it: borderline diabetic, heart issues, back issues, sleep issues, and respiratory issues. I wanted to get healthy for the sake of my family. I have three children, including two sons. I wanted to provide a positive example of health for my boys, and I wanted to be alive and well to dance with my daughter at her wedding someday.

I was feeling sluggish, embarrassed about how I looked, and I knew deep inside that my physical self wasn’t an authentic reflection of my inner self. Mostly I wanted to get healthy to enhance my marriage.

I wanted to be a more energetic, enjoyable, and healthy husband for my wife, who spent years worrying about my health. And I just wanted to feel like myself again.

I started on January 6, 2014, and I met with Holly, my coach. I was terrified and trying really hard not to show it. In my heart I felt ready, but I just didn’t have the confidence in myself that I knew how to lose weight.

I’d tried so many times before. But I was determined, and Holly was the perfect combination of empathetic, scientific, and most of all, never showed any signs of doubt that this was possible for me.

Dr. Rugh sat down with me after my initial consult with Holly and very plainly spelled out what I was in for, what I could expect, and the physical processes that were going to lead to my eventual weight loss.

But I think what really made the difference was the fact that once I left the office, I had a lifeline on email to Holly.

Every time I encountered an obstacle or uncertainty, I’d shoot her a note and she’d shoot a note right back giving me the guidance and encouragement I needed. I travel on business so much that keeping to a good diet can be challenging, but Holly worked with me to brainstorm workarounds.

And not once did I ever feel judged or critiqued. Quite the contrary, whenever I was impatient with my own progress, Holly would quickly point to the data and remind me how well I was progressing, even if it felt slow or difficult at times.

And today, I hit my target goal. I’ve lost 50 pounds in just over two months thanks to GreenLite.* I am actually 80 pounds lighter* than I was at my heaviest, and I am back into the same size jeans I was wearing when I met my wife.

I have more energy, I have more confidence, and I have my health back.

No more diabetes, heart condition, or respiratory issues, and I am sleeping like a baby.

Even better, my kids and even my brother are inspired and are taking better care of themselves now, too.

I chose GreenLite because I knew I needed help, but I didn’t really want a group to watch me struggle with weight loss. I wanted private, one on one consultation, and I also wanted the assurance of a knowledgeable medical staff to make sure I was going about this the right way.

I chose GreenLite because it is the perfect combination of data-driven scientific guidance and no-nonsense, empathetic emotional support. And mostly, I stuck with Greenlite because of my coach, Holly, and her ability to adapt her coaching style and design an alliance with me that fit my own personality and needs.

I knew I had a partner. I had a guide. I had a coach. And they knew I could do this. I am just so grateful.

In terms of exercise, I don’t really do anything more than walk for 20 minutes three or four times a week. When I travel, I hit the hotel gym once or twice in a week and lift weights, but nothing too strenuous.

All this weight came off without having to overdo it at the gym. I can’t wait to get into weight training next month as part of the next phase! But the best advice I have was the advice I got from Holly—don’t kill yourself overdoing it at the gym.

Work out to relieve stress. Work out to have fun.  Keep moving because it’s good to move.  But focus on forming good eating habits you can sustain for a lifetime, and then slowly work in the workout routine the same way.

That’s the phase I’m at now—gradually turning up the volume on my exercise to build even more muscle mass. I used to dread hiking for fear we’d hit a hill and my wife would have to witness me sucking wind. Now I can bound up the side of a hill like a mountain goat. It’s almost like walking on the moon, I feel so light! I love, love, love hiking through the woods with my family.

I also lost more than 8 inches off my waist. I haven’t worn shirts TUCKED IN to my pants in forever. But now I’m in a size 36 jeans, and I actually wear shirts, tucked in, and no jacket.

But perhaps what I enjoy most—hate to admit it but it’s true—is seeing people who haven’t seen me in a year and witnessing their reactions. Some of them don’t even recognize me. And all of them are just so happy for me. Not only do I look great, I feel great. And that’s what counts.

Greenlite has also rekindled a long-dormant love affair with my gorgeous wife of 18 years. I’ve got my old self back. ‘Nuff said.

My favorite new food trick has got to be the salads. You can have so much fun creating the most gorgeous, elaborate salads. It’s like a veggie version of an Indian Mandala. I make patterns with the peppers and spirals with the tomatoes. I use up my dairy allowance in shredded hard cheese and I use real dressing in the right amounts. I craft these things like I was painting a picture with food. It really draws me into the experience of eating, and eating it slowly while appreciating the organic beauty of the ingredients satisfies my artistic senses as much as my appetite. The salads are awesome.

For traveling, I have to say that Quest Bars and Atkins Bars rule. For business trips, those little miracles kept me on track. Love those dudes.

And lastly, I rediscovered how amazing Asian cooking can be, especially when you use coconut oil for stir fry. Virtually no carbs, super low in fat, and it gives everything that nice sweet undertone. I cook stir fry veggies in coconut oil, throw in some green Thai curry paste and some low-fat coconut milk, mix in some tofu and sriracha, and we are in business. My wife LOVES my cooking now! So nice to be on the same page meal-wise instead of having her watch me eat another steak and potatoes dinner. (Though sometimes, steak happens, too … just in sensible portions!)

Ready for a weight loss story like Josh’s? Contact us today for a free consultation! 

*Actual Results May Vary

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