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jane before and afte

Jane W.

Age: 67 years old

Start Weight: 140.9 lbs

End Weight: 128 lbs*

Weight Lost: 12.9 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Feeling happier and healthier

Most Mindful Tip: Stay ahead of late-night eating by eating more protein.

I had gotten too heavy for me: felt bloated, broad across the back, and my clothes didn’t fit.

My adult son gently approached me to ask if I was unhappy, since that was the case the last time I gained weight as my marriage was breaking up. I am happy, but if the message I am putting out by gaining weight is the opposite, I need to change that.

Dieting on my own didn’t work. I was stuck and needed professional advice. 

I had a friend whose noticeable weight loss was with GreenLite. I liked the idea of medical supervision, and started the GreenLite program in October of 2013.

The counselors were very helpful and have excellent advice for specific questions and problems, like late-night eating and what to do when hunger spikes. I have learned to stay ahead of it and eat protein every 3 hours.

I travel one-third of the time and was worried about controlling my weight, but no problem. I am now much more aware of what I eat and much more conscious of my choices. Now I always carry a protein bar or a Braceola dried beef snack for a protein-filled snack if I get hungry when I go out.

I like feeling thin, and everyone has noticed! I already have a friend who has joined because of my success, and I have to get my favorite leather jacket taken in!

Want success like Jane’s? Contact us to today for a free weight loss consultation! 

*Actual Results May Vary

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