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Everyone loves to take a nice vacation.  Unfortunately, funds, time, and other factors often prevent us from taking those fun trips, but this should not prevent you from getting the much-needed break away from the office and other aspects of life.  You can enjoy down time right in your own hometown.  Below are some tips to make the most of your next staycation.

Disconnect from Gadgets: In today’s world, electronics can make you feel like you are at the office even on days off.  Our phones and tablets can also be the portal to unwarranted stress.  If nothing else, turn off your email messaging notifications, so you can truly enjoy your staycation.  Note: if you are a person who stays motivated by fitness or dieting apps or devices, by all means, keep that up.

Connect with Your Hometown: A staycation is also the perfect time to discover or rediscover all the things that make your hometown unique.  Visit a local museum.  Take a day to visit a local bookstore, and pick out some books to read during your staycation.  Check out your town’s webpage to get ideas.

Move It: Make a point to include some sort of fun physical activity into every day of your staycation.  Consider hiking with your family on a local trail.  If your neighborhood has a recreation center, check out some of the things it has to offer.  If there is an indoor pool, designate one day for a family pool day.  Do not shy away from fun family competition.  Create fun family relays right in your own backyard.

Create Fun Meals: While you are on a staycation, you will have enough time to prepare those healthy recipes you have been excited to try.  Take this time to make family favorites with a friendly dieting twist or cook a new meal altogether.  If you want to take it up a notch, host a family cook off, and recreate your favorite TV cooking show.  It is the perfect way to make dinner time, family time.

Spa Night at Home: Spa night at home is perfect for kids-free staycations.  This can be as elaborate as having a massage therapist give you a massage and as simple as enjoying a bubble bath with candlelight in the background.  The goal is to enjoy some time to yourself with limited distractions.


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