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How our food is grown or raised has an impact on our overall health.  Often, organic foods have more nutrients than conventionally grown or raised foods.  Organic foods are also free of antibiotics, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMO).  Organic foods will complement any weight-loss diet plan.  Plus, going green and eating organic has a positive impact on the environment.    

While shopping organic certainly has its benefits, some believe that it comes with a bigger price tag, but shopping organic does not have to break the bank.  Here are some tips to help you shop without leaving a hole in your wallet.  Be sure to save this page for easy reference when meal-prepping for your weight-loss diet plan.

Shop in Season: Foods that are in season grow in abundance.  The price of items drop when supply is high.  Prices go up when foods are in demand but lower in supply.  Buying foods in season not only saves money, but the food will taste better, too.  If you are really in the mood to save money, you can freeze produce for later consumption.

The Dirty Dozen: Make your dollars stretch by purchasing organic foods that have conventionally-grown, pesticides-filled counterparts.  There are twelve items, nicknamed the “Dirty Dozen,” because they top the list of contaminated foods.  They include peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, nectarines, imported grapes, cherries, pears, and potatoes.  

For the Carnivores: If you consume meat, buying organic meat is ideal.  Animals that produce organic meat are raised in better environments and given better food.

Frozen Organic Foods: Purchasing organic frozen fruits and vegetables is not only cost-effective but allows you to consume your favorite out-of-season produce.  They are harvested at the peak of the season when crops are at their best.  They have a much longer shelf life, so you can stock up when your favorites are on sale.

Buy Local: Shopping at a local farmer’s market or community-supported agriculture (CSA) has a ton of benefits!  It is much less expensive than shopping at a grocery store and full of healthy and interesting things to incorporate into your weight-loss diet plan.  Shopping local means the food has not traveled far, which cuts back on costs and is more likely to be fresh.  Purchasing goods directly from the farmer, or farm, cuts out the middleman, which also cuts costs.  Moreover, you get the opportunity to talk to producers about how your food is raised or grown.


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