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If you are on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or basically anywhere other than an underground cave, now is about that time of the year that pumpkin spice is everywhere. Coffee, sweeteners, snacks, yogurt, and even protein powder is artificially flavored with pumpkin spice. It is anyone’s guess what liquid artificial pumpkin is, but it is a safe bet the liquid artificial flavoring that comes out of a squirt bottle probably does not go well with a healthy, real food diet plan. Real pumpkin spice is different. It is actually a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and allspice. So, how can you enjoy that delicious pumpkin spice taste and smell without breaking the diet plan bank? Below are some ideas.

1. Pumpkin Soup: Ahh, piping hot soup on a fall day.  What could be better than that?  For the soup purists, we have a great gluten-free pumpkin soup that is a must try.  For those who like their soup with a little more kick, check out our recipe page for this spicy creamy pumpkin soup.  Either one would also make a great diet plan friendly Thanksgiving meal addition.  Soup would also make a great work day lunch.  Just be sure to invest in a good Thermos-type container that will keep your soup hot and that is spill-proof.  Soups freeze well and are perfect when meal prepping and stocking the freezer with healthy diet plan food.

2. Pumpkin Smoothies: These pumpkin smoothies are delicious and a great alternative to a frappe or a latte.  For those who like to plan ahead and meal prep, you can double the batch and portion them out.  Just be sure to put them in a sealed jar, such as a Mason jar, and they will be ready to grab and go.

3. Pumpkin Waffles: Pumpkin waffles that are low carb and taste like heaven?  Yes, please!  Using smart ingredients, like almond meal and Carbquik, makes these waffles a no-brainer.  Bonus: kids love these, too!

4. Pumpkin Curry and Kale Pork Loin Entrée: If you want to make pumpkin the main flavor of your whole dinner, a pumpkin curry main course fits the bill.  We have a savory pumpkin curry and kale pork loin that is perfect for a weekday meal.  Throw everything in a crock pot in the morning and come home to a warm diet plan meal after work.  Plus, your home will smell amazing!

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