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magic bullet weight loss
I can’t tell you how many times a client tells me they have tried every diet known to man and still can’t lose weight.

The story goes like this…you’re motivated to lose and so desperately want to stop feeling sluggish. You want to lose the weight so you’re no longer uncomfortable in your skin and want to start feeling better about yourself right away. You’re willing to put in the effort and the $$ into the new plan and just WANT IT TO WORK! Diet powders, herbal “fat burners”, exercise videos…regardless of the method, the results are always the same. You’re frustrated and maybe in tears because you feel like a failure who is doomed to be heavy

Why does this happen? Well first of all, the “magic solution” is an
illusion. Many of these quick fixes won’t work unless you ALSO
make change on your lifestyle (sorry, but it’s the plain truth). IF
it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not a realistic
solution. But why do we look for that magic pill? Perhaps it’s
because we are so hopeful that some ”THING” will make our
discomfort go away fast. We are fearful of staying where we are
AND we are afraid of failure. We need something to help relieve
the situation and we need it to happen fast! What if, instead of
focusing on “FAST”, we focus on finding a method, that makes it

You need to first start by choosing a credible method. Once you
have that, then it’s all about the execution and breaking down
what’s HARD and make it EASY.

We discussed the issue of setting too many goals, which can
drain our brain and lead to burnout in short time. Similarly, the
trick is reduce the task to a habit and repeat the process until
there is a series of habits which  then provides your higher brain
with breathing space.

The other piece you need for execution is accountability. To
stick with a plan, you want to create a situation where you can be
accountable to your goals and be honest with yourself.

If you are finding execution difficult, we can help you. We
understand that you are putting a lot of effort into your goal and
YOU NEED TO SEE RESULTS to keep going. Our average weight
loss the first week is 4-5lbs for a woman and 7-8lbs for a man,
followed by ~2lbs/ week for a woman and ~4lbs/week for a man.
No joke. We are 4x more effective than commercial programs.
90% of our clients lose significant amounts of weight and are
pleased with the program. If you aren’t quite reaching those
numbers the first month, our team works with you to figure out
where the discrepancy lies, and usually find it. If you have hunger
issues, FDA-approved appetite suppressants can be suggested by
our medical providers and you many find it a helpful tool. It’s not
a magic pill but it’s super helpful in the short run as we make
changes to our habits and lifestyle in the long run. Our staff of
caring expert coaches and medical providers can work with you
on creating that accountability and also gently educate you on
mindless eating, the role of macronutrients, the role of stress,
sleep etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally understand what it really takes to
lose weight? Give yourself the GreenLite and take action now!

PS: If you’re sick and tired of trying the latest diet fad, with no
significant result regardless of the effort you put in, maybe it’s
time to take another route. At GreenLite, where we have 4x
the success of normal commercial plans, we can help you succeed.

If you’re ready to learn how to lose the weight and keep it off in
a healthy, manageable way, don’t wait another minute, the
time to lose is now!

Written by Dr. Rugh, Medical ProviderHolly Brown, Health
and Laura Sturtevant, Health Educator

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