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Let’s face it: cooking at home every day can be tedious, and sometimes, you just want to relax and let someone else do all that work.  But when you go out to eat at restaurants, it is so difficult to find meals that fit into the low-carb diet that you are on.  Here are a few helpful tips to stay on your plan while dining out, according to About Health.

Go With the Right Crowd

If you are new to theEgg Peoples low-carb diet, having supportive friends and family will make dining out a breeze.  If you are comfortable with it, let them know about your dietary restrictions.  Maybe they will be a little more conscious about what they order in front of you.  It does not hurt to ask!

Do Your Research

Find a restaurant that offers dishes that are consistent with your low-carb diet.  Many restaurants will have an online menu that you can browse to make sure there are appropriate meals.  Also, you can decide what dish you will order before you even arrive.  This will eliminate the eyes from wandering to unhealthy options.

Ask Questions

If you don’t know all of the ingredients in your dish or even wish you could change some of them, ask!  More often than not, restaurants can alter their meals to fit your dietary needs.  You can make small changes like no tortilla chips or croutons on your salad, or maybe even more drastic changes such as substituting a salad instead of french fries.  Albeit the more casual restaurants might not be as accommodating, but it still does not hurt to ask.

When in Doubt…

Sometimes we might not have time to do our research or can be overwhelmed by all the options on the menu. When in doubt of what to choose, these options are always a safe bet:

  1. Order a salad with a good amount of extra veggies to create that satisfied feeling.
  2. Look for plain meat with a side of veggies.
  3. Try a “meal salad”. If you like the innards of a burger, ask if it can be made in a salad form.
  4. Stay away from the words deep fried. Those words always lead to trouble.
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