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THEMISTO in Words of Our Customers

  • Jessica lost over 65lbs!

    "I feel like my life has just begun and I know that I have been given the knowledge and tools to continue my success."

    Jessica Jessica lost over 65lbs!
  • Sharon lost over 20lbs!

    "This is a lifelong change that will keep me healthy and looking fabulous!"

    Sharon Sharon lost over 20lbs!
  • Lance lost over 40lbs!

    "With the weight loss and my increased flexibility I am hitting the "golf" ball 20 to 30 yards farther."

    Lance Lance lost over 40lbs!
  • Marissa lost over 72lbs!

    "It is an unbelievable feeling, to know that I have actually achieved this goal."

    Marissa Marissa lost over 72lbs!
  • “I had a baby and really fell out of my body. I really wanted to get back to me and nothing seemed to be working. Most women had told me that nursing was a surefire way to get the weight off. I found that instead, the scale was stuck and nothing helped. It was really frustrating, and I wanted to get a handle on it fast! I started Hello GreenLite in August once I stopped breastfeeding. I had a family member that went through the GreenLite Medicine program, and it really worked for her. I figured I had nothing to lose!! I found the Hello GreenLite part to be really appealing as well, as office visits were pretty much out of the question! It was fantastic and worked really well for me. The virtual visits were a no brainer when it came to having the baby around. I had just enough guidance and accountability. It was challenging, but motivating at the same time. I saw results almost immediately, which also gave me a great boost in self-confidence. I was able to speak to my counselor, Holly, about how to give myself some wiggle room here and there as well. It’s tough to stay on track with a new baby. Sometimes all you can do is grab something you can eat with one hand, which isn’t always the best option. Holly helped me figure out some great things to have on hand when we were on the go! The best thing about this was that I new how to get back on track if I had a slip up, and every time I did I got results quickly! Being able to send a quick email saying, “Oh No! I totally screwed up this week!”, or “My grandparents want to take us to dinner, what do I eat?” was great as well. I was able to contact Holly anytime. It was certainly an adjustment at first, but it was great to have the support and accountability along the way. Going back to work after baby was a big adjustment for me, as I just didn’t have the same control over my body as I used to. I have been a fitness/dance instructor for many years. With the weight off, my balance has improved, along with my energy levels and stamina. I feel (almost) back to my old self again. Exercise has been the toughest part of weight loss as a new mommy. If anything, I do my best to AT LEAST walk 3-4 times per week. Now that things are getting easier, I have been able to turn that into a run. I also try to squeeze in push-ups, sit-ups, and tricep dips whenever I can. If I’m feeling extra ambitious, or have some time, I love to go to a Dailey Method class, or throw in a work-out DVD. My favorite new work-out involves my whole family: My husband pushes the jogging stroller, and I run ahead. My son loves to “chase” me, and gets a kick out of me running towards him. Who wouldn’t be entertained by that during a workout?? I LOVE experimenting with my Greek Yogurt. I have been using all sorts of extracts. I also love to make no carb protein balls, with almond meal, pumpkin, protein powder, a little stevia, etc. The possibilities are endless with those. They are really great for a post- workout snack as well. I fit into all of old clothes! I am a couple pounds heavier than I was pre-baby, but feel as though I have settled in to a weight that is right for me. I am still working on toning back up, but I have the confidence now that it will happen. I love that my family is involved, and that my husband has taken time to take stock in how he fuels his body as well.” - See more at:
    Amalia D
    Amalia D Amalia D
  • “Weight has been an issue with me my entire life. I am your typical “roller coaster” dieter that has seen my weight get worse and worse. Each time I failed at a diet, not only did I regain everything I lost, but I gained more weight than I had before. I started Hello GreenLite because I was at an all-time high with my weight. I began Hello GreenLite on June 9th and have worked with Holly through my entire experience. I really cannot say enough about Holly. I really believe she is part of the reason I have had success with this diet. Through our weekly meetings via Skype, she has kept me focused, has offered encouragement, and maybe most importantly, valuable tips that have kept me on the path to my goal weight. I chose Hello GreenLite after my wife attended a conference and came back with information about the program. Hello GreenLite is a high protein, low carb diet similar to one I had, had success with before. But this one was different – veggies and fruits are not completely off the list like some of the other diets. I feel much healthier on this diet and do not feel I am depriving my body of any nutrients it needs. I love that I am never hungry on this diet. I am not a big recipe person – I tend to keep things very simple. I do love the Tortilla Factory low carb wraps that I use for lunch every day. Some lettuce, turkey, ham, and fat-free dressing creates an awesome wrap! Cheese, chopped peppers, and diced tomatoes in Egg Beaters are my favorite morning start. I will be honest – at my starting weight, exercise was just plain torture. Holly wisely suggested I don’t try to overdo it and it was probably some of the better advice I received starting the program. Other times, I would go overboard with the whole diet and exercise that I basically burned my body out. It’s only been recently that I can go back to some leisure exercise like walking. I am teacher and therefore am off in the summer. Being able to play golf without huffing and puffing as I walked up a small incline to the green was awesome. A proud moment was when I was able to walk 9 holes of golf again because at the beginning of the golf league season, I just couldn’t do it. I love to read and really found that reading does not make me want to eat as much as watching TV does. I also love to travel – especially to Las Vegas – and found no matter where I go, this program fits very easily. Without a doubt I love how my face is not as “puffy” and I love the fact that my clothes fit so much better. In fact, just the other day I had to go into my “other” clothes closet (I have several sizes of clothing that reflect my yo-yo sizes) and get a smaller pair of jeans that I have probably not worn in 2 years. That felt good!” - See more at:
    Frank Frank
  • “My entire life I’ve been overweight. I’ve yo-yo dieted for as long as I can remember; trying everything from Weight Watchers to all juice diets and nothing gave me the results I was looking for. I would drop 10 pounds and then decide it was okay to cut corners here and there, and before I knew it I gained back the weight I lost and then some. When a good friend of mine began the GreenLite program and saw great results, it was finally the push I needed to do something about my own weight. I began the GreenLite program on May 1st, 2012, weighing in at 243 lbs. This was definitely the heaviest I had ever been, and I was shocked. I was disappointed that I let my weight get so far out of hand. My coach was Molly, and from the beginning she let me know that she was there to help me with whatever challenges I would face along my journey. Molly really was just a joy to see every week, because no matter what the scale showed, she gave me encouragement and helpful tips to make sure I got the best results possible. I chose GreenLite Medicine because of the experience my friend had with the program. She began it a few months earlier than I did, and I couldn’t believe how great she was looking! It was really nice to be able to have the support from someone going through the program at the same time as me, and her success gave me that extra motivation. The thing I love the most about the results I’ve gotten from GreenLite is the way I look and feel. I have more energy, I am happier with my appearance, and my clothes fit better. Going shopping is no longer discouraging because I can find clothes that fit well and flatter my new figure. It’s a new feeling to try on something and have it be too big! The increased confidence I have is absolutely wonderful, I no longer try to hide in the background of pictures, or feel self-conscious about meeting new people. Since being on the program, I have learned exactly the kind of foods I should be eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My favorite recipe would have to be the Low Carb Chili. It was definitely a frequent meal, and it is great because the recipe makes enough to have leftovers for a couple days! My workouts consist of kickboxing classes two times a week for 90 minutes, as well as walking around my neighborhood or on the local trail for a few miles. I’m not a person who typically enjoys going to the gym and working out, but kickboxing is a great way to tone and increase flexibility while also having fun doing it. Plus, it’s a great de-stresser! I still have some losing to do, and thanks to GreenLite Medicine I have the knowledge, tools, and support to reach my final goal weight and maintain it.” - See more at:
    Melissa Melissa
  • “It is certainly motivating when someone says: “Hey…you look like you’ve lost weight.” But it is downright MAGICAL when someone stops you and says “No seriously…you’ve shrunk. PLEASE tell me your secret. You look AMAZING.” Hitting THAT level, has changed my life. I can wear shirts that say L on the collar instead of XL or the dreaded XXL. THAT means an array of new wardrobe possibilities has opened up. I don’t have to HOPE I’m going to fit that shirt I want, I KNOW I do, and I’m going to look damn good in it too. Everyone always says “I have more energy” but it’s true. My energy has gone through the roof. Just the other day I sprinted for two blocks to catch a Muni bus and hopped on with wind still in my sales like Will Smith chasing down an alien, as opposed to John Candy chasing down an ice cream truck. On the less sexy side, my blood pressure is down 20+ points, cholesterol is down 20+ points…blood sugar…triglycerides…all back within manageable parameters. Did I mention how I’m not afraid of the camera anymore? I no longer have to do any of the half-dozen tricks we all keep in our back pocket to make our face look thinner. It IS thinner. The journey is long, the journey is not without speed bumps, but the journey continues. And for every person that wonders “where to begin” like I did, I offer GreenLite Medicine. If you have ever felt alone in your weight loss struggle or been told that you are “just big, live with it” (yes…I have), there is a solution, and you are already here. Thank you Sooji, thank you Holly, thank you GreenLite Medicine!” - See more at:
    Marcus Marcus
  • “On July 3, 2010, my family and I were celebrating my grandson Jordan’s second birthday. I’m usually the one taking pictures at family functions; but, I wanted to help the birthday boy open his gifts, so I handed the video recorder to my sister so she could tape it. Later that night, we were watching the video and I was shocked…no I was horrified at what I saw. The clip of me helping Jordan open gifts was my eye opener. I was huge. No, I was gigantic. I was the Titanic in white Capri’s and sandals. I knew I had gained weight but I had no idea it was that much or how bad I really looked!!! I thought to myself…IS THIS HOW PEOPLE SEE ME? Hi, my name is Frances and I’m 46 years old, divorced after 23 years of marriage, a mother of three grown children and four beautiful grandchildren. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a common condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. I made a lifestyle decision to join Greenlite Medicine on July 20, 2010, a week after the “birthday video eye opener”. I first heard about Greenlite on KRTY’s biggest loser competition. My initial phone call was with Meredith and my experience talking with her can be compared to chatting over coffee with an old friend and not a pushy sales person. She gave me the information I needed and let me make the decision to join. Everything about Greenlite excited me, so I knew in my heart that I was doing the right thing. My budget also liked that I didn’t have to sign a long term contract. The program made sense to me and I could easily see the benefits of losing weight through the Greenlite program. I kicked off my weight loss journey with Nancy, my Health Educator in the San Jose office, and by my fourth week I had lost more than 16 pounds! Nancy’s support was a crucial part of my success. She cheered me on during the good weeks and kept me accountable and motivated to stay on program when I was stressed. We discussed life challenges, food options and ways to keep on track. As my health educator, Nancy has not only become my support system, she’s also become a friend. It’s so obvious how much she and the Greenlite team care about my weight loss by how supportive they all have been throughout the entire process…they have really guided me on my voyage to becoming a NEW THINNER HAPPIER me. After losing 40 pounds with Greenlite, my Fibromyalgia no longer ails me and I can do things without pain that I couldn’t do at a heavier weight. And, I have tons more energy now. Power Walking is by far my favorite way to exercise! I have a treadmill with Jillian Michaels iFit program. It’s low impact, fast and usually fits into my busy schedule. Another aspect of the Greenlite program that I liked is that I didn’t have to buy prepackaged food. Greenlite offered me the best recipes. The low carb chili is awesome! I make it with ground turkey and enjoyed every bite of it. Growing up in a middle class southern home every meal had potatoes, beans or pasta. It was a low cost way to feed a large family on a small budget. I’ve learned that I don’t need to buy pasta or potatoes to eat on a minimal budget. I just need to buy smart. I look for cheaper alternatives like buying lettuce by the head and not prepackaged. I no longer buy prepackaged one-pan-frozen-meals. I learned to save time by making two salads at dinner time, one for dinner tonight and one for my lunch tomorrow. Little steps that make a big difference… Before my journey with Greenlite I was tired all the time. On my days off I didn’t even have the energy to do laundry or cook meals for my family. Forty pounds lighter and I’m the first one out of bed in the morning. My children are as excited about my weight loss, and note the changes in me every time I see them. Thank you to Greenlite for being there during every step of my journey.” - See more at:
    Frances Frances
  • “Before working with Greenlite Medicine, Greg had been under a doctor’s treatment for high-blood pressure and diabetes. He had tried different weight loss plans over the years, but was discouraged with his progress and gave up. He felt completely apathetic and unmotivated. In August of 2008, under threat of becoming an insulin-dependent diabetic, he turned his life around. He started eating a balanced diet, exercised regularly, and enlisted the support of his friends and health care providers. His journey included the realization that in order to be successful he had to take responsibility for his actions. He also made a choice to have a healthy relationship with what he ate. An important part of his life was his relationship with his grandmother. They spent much of their time together baking cakes and treats. He learned he didn’t have to give up the memories by giving up the baked goods. Greg surrounded himself with supportive people and adopted a no excuses attitude. He committed himself and never wavered. As of this August Greg has lost 110 pounds, has been taken off his blood-pressure and diabetes medication, and has completely reversed his previous medical risks. His new life includes real food diet, exercise, and most importantly a positive outlook!” - See more at:
    Greg Greg

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