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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  What readily comes to mind are the typical presents: chocolates, candies and sweet treats.  You can still treat your sweetheart but in a healthy manner.  We have compiled five healthy and romantic presents you can give to your valentine.

Sweet Massage or Spa Treatment: If your partner likes to treat themselves and enjoys being pampered, a spa treatment may be the perfect gift.  If your mate is not the type that will enjoy things, such as facials and mud baths, a massage may be the way to go.  Massages are great for relaxation and muscle tension reduction.

Sessions With Personal Trainers: This one is for your partner who likes to hit the gym.  Do not be scared you will have to sign your mate up for a long-term commitment.  Three to five sessions with professionals should be sufficient to learn new moves to make the most of workouts.  That is a gift that never fades for lovers of gym.  Bonus: If you are a couple who likes to work out together, consider a dual session, which will be a great way to spend time with your partner and supplement your healthy weight-loss program.

A Romantic Couple’s Adventure: Do you and your partner love road trips?  Are you two overdue for some uninterrupted alone time?  Why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day and take a drive somewhere new?  Or, perhaps, head to the snow for cross country skiing.  You can enjoy the fresh air and the exercise is not that strenuous, so you will still be able to talk to each other.  Classes are another thoughtful gift.  Think a dance, gardening, or art class.

Fitness Tracker: This is another great gadget to complement a healthy weight-loss program.  There are models to fit every budget and fitness goal.

A Healthy and Romantic Dinner: Everyone loves a thoughtful, home-cooked meal.  Preparing and serving a healthy meal for your partner is a great alternative to eating out on a busy Valentine’s Day night.  Fresh flowers, candles, and using the “nice china” will make the meal even more special.

For more creative ideas to spend Valentine’s Day the healthy way, check out our previous article.  Tips for the office, your kids, your girlfriends, and more!

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