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airplane-698539_640Traveling for work and pleasure can be difficult, because it can seem like an excuse to slip up with your dieting.  Airports are hectic, and the most convenient foods are never the healthy ones.  Business trips usually mean work outings involving dinners and social gatherings.  Going on vacation inevitably means eating out and splurging.  However, traveling should not mean that all the work you did with your dieting should go to waste.  Being mindful of your choices before leaving and while you are away can make all the difference and keep you on track.

Here are some ways to minimize the damage to your dieting while traveling.

  1. Pack your own snacks

While preparing to travel and planning what to bring, make sure to include some diet-friendly snacks in your bag.  A bag of beef jerky or some lightly salted nuts could prevent you from buying a bag of chips at the airport.  If you have a little time to spare, you could even pack some easy turkey and cheese roll ups as a snack.  If you plan ahead, you will be more prepared when you get hungry while traveling.

  1. Know which airport kiosks have program-friendly meals

Navigating through airports is a pain on its own, and having to worry about finding a diet-friendly meal at the airport can add to that stress.  Rather than rushing around trying to find something easy in between flights, have an idea of what kinds of places carry salads or healthy food options rather than aimlessly walking around restaurants.

  1. Plan ahead with restaurants nearby your hotel

When staying at a hotel, making your own meals will be difficult to manage.  Room service is pricey, and options that are convenient are not always the healthiest options.  When you know which hotel you will be staying at, take a few minutes to look up nearby restaurants and quick stops that have menu options that will match your diet plan.  Not only will this save you time from having to think about what you want to eat, it will also make it a lot easier to stay on plan.

  1. Pack running shoes

Almost all hotels now have gyms for your down time.  Rather than lying in bed watching television in your hotel room or racking up the bill at the lobby bar, jump into your running shoes and get on that treadmill.  Get in a few extra steps, and make sure you are staying active while traveling.  Like adventuring?  Forget the gym, and walk around the neighborhood.  Getting out and about is an excellent way to stay moving and exercise when you are traveling.

  1. Use the stairs in airports and hotels

Get in a few extra steps by passing on the escalators and using the stairs whenever you can.  Every little bit towards making healthy choices will get you closer to your weight-loss goals.  Even if you are vacationing or traveling for leisure, make sure you are making the right efforts to keep yourself on plan.  Once you are in the mindset of making healthy choices, you will not be as likely to slip up.

  1. Carry a bottle of water everywhere

Make sure to keep a bottle of water with you whenever you are out and about.  When traveling, this planning ahead is even more crucial to keeping you on the straight path.  Having water with you while you are in business meetings or walking around will help keep you hydrated as well as prevent you from mistaking your thirst for hunger.  

  1. Eat before business dinners

Traveling will inevitably lead to eating out with family, friends, or business partners.  If you can pick the place to eat out, try to choose one with lots of plan-friendly options.  If the restaurant is already chosen, try to plan ahead of time by looking at the menu and scouting out a healthy option.  However, if you end up in the situation where the food option is not up to you and you are worried about breaking your diet, eat beforehand, and just order something small.  Be strategic, and it will pay off for you.

Being out and about when traveling does not mean you should take it as an excuse to slip up on your diet.  Traveling can be unpredictable, but that does not mean your healthy options should be compromised as well.  Be smart, plan ahead, and stick to the plan!

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