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GreenLite Medicine Haloween Candy
During the weeks before and after Halloween, aisles in the stores are filled with candy taunting us to purchase it.

Remember: a treat isn’t really a treat if you have to backpedal too much with your dieting efforts! Take a minute to examine what the real treat is: isn’t it really more of a treat to lose weight, feel proud of your hard earned efforts, and feel comfortable in your own skin? Here are some tips on how to avoid being “haunted” with the temptation of all these treats around. 

    • Buy Halloween candy the day before Halloween so it’s not sitting around to tempt you.
    • If you must buy it ahead of time at least store it in a place where you are not constantly exposed to it. Out of sight, out of mouth!
    • Only purchase candy that you don’t like; that way you are not as tempted to indulge.
    • Consider passing out non-food treats to the kids.
    • If you absolutely must have Halloween candy, enjoy a moderate amount of it; but only if it doesn’t set you off on a binge. Fruit of course, would be a better choice.
    • Emphasize the fun, non-food parts of Halloween: make a pumpkin carving contest, bob for apples, and set up some Halloween games for the kids.
    • Halloween night is so hectic, sometimes a healthy meal is not even a consideration. This year plan on consuming leftovers, or have something you can just grab and eat or assemble quickly.
    • Plan on eating dinner a bit earlier so you get that evening meal in. If you miss dinner entirely because you are so busy, you are going to be overly hungry and even more tempted to overeat later.
    • Enlist your spouse or friend for support (but not to be the food police).
    • Even though those mini candies are so little, they can add up real quick. See the link below for calorie and carb counts for most Halloween treats.
    • If you are taking appetite suppressants do not forget to take them during this particularly tempting time.
    • Stay on track; remember that Halloween is the kick off season for weight gain. Don’t be tricked into eating that treat and gaining weight; and make sure you don’t miss your weekly appointments for accountability and support.

Listed below are the calorie and carb counts for a few of the most common Halloween candy treats:

  • M&Ms, plain, Fun size (18 g) – 88 calories and 12 g carb
  • Snickers Bars, Fun size (17 g) – 80 calories and 10 g carb
  • Smarties Candy, Roll – 25 calories and 6 g carb
  • Candy Corn, Brach’s – 11 pieces – 70 calories and 18 g carb
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Miniature (about 9 grams each) – 44 calories and 5 g carb per cup
  • Tootsie Roll Mini-Midgees – 11 calories and 2 g carb

Check out a more detailed list of the calorie and carb counts for “fun size” treats over at About.com’s Low carb blog.

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