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Like many other holidays, Easter is filled with joy, laughter, and a ton of sweets.  When you are living a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a diet plan, the sweets you find in traditional Easter baskets can really set you back.  This is especially difficult when you are encouraging the little ones to eat healthy, too.  Here are a few alternatives to the usual sweet treats you find in Easter baskets.

Plastic Eggs: The colorful plastic eggs traditionally found in Easter egg hunts and baskets are perfect to use for pre-portioned snacks.  Instead of filling plastic eggs with jelly beans, consider filling the eggs with healthier snacks that fit into your diet plan.  Dried fruits, nuts, or diet plan friendly snacks can be used to fill plastic eggs in place of candy.  If you want to get fancy, consider roasting pecans or almonds with cinnamon before placing them in the eggs.

Toys: Toys are an awesome alternative to candy, especially in an Easter basket.  Toys last longer and make your basket more fun.  This does not have to be expensive.  Visit your local dollar store to find small toys that are of interest to the kids.  Feel free to add that toy they have been excited about if it fits within your budget.

Stationery: Kids love stationery with cool patterns and colors.  You may find an Easter or spring-themed stationery to include in a basket or to give as a standalone gift.  If you cannot find spring-themed stationery, you can always spruce it up with ribbon or other decorative items.

Small Workout Gear: Include items that promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in the kids’ Easter baskets.  Jump ropes, headbands, small fitness gadgets, trendy socks, and soccer balls are all items that can be given in lieu of candy or sweet treats.  

Gift Cards: Gift cards are also awesome fillers for baskets.  For young kids, you can never go wrong with a gift card to a place that has toys.  If you have older kids, try getting iTunes or any gift card that can be redeemed to download phone or tablet applications.

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