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Teeccino Herbal Coffee


Nutritional Info

Calories:18 teeccino family

Carbs: 4g

Sugars: 1g

Potassium: 48mg


The Facts

This “no caf” Tea-Cappuccino hybrid is naturally caffeine free and a perfect alternative to your morning cup of Joe. This herbal coffee will give you a natural energy boost from nutrients, not stimulants, and is non-acidic. Made from carob, nuts, chicory root, cocoa and dates, the naturally occurring inulin helps support digestion and intestinal health. Since we recommend abstaining from caffeine while on the GreenLite program, Teeccino is perfect morning pick me up or a great substitute for a late night sweet tooth. Teeccino is available in individual “Tee-Bags” and pre-ground (just like coffee). 



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Available in a variety of different flavor and roasts, Teeccino offers a robust and earthy flavor, unlike herbal drink on the market. Although the product is available in a tea bag, Teeccino has a very dark, rich and nutty flavor, this is not your typical cup of tea. This herbal coffee is really a tea-coffee hybrid, the name “Teeccino” says it all! Some flavors are superior to others, while brewing the herbal blend provides and much fuller flavor (more coffee like flavor) than using a “Tee-bag”. Some flavors are subtly sweet and offer a wonderful pick-me-up, when you’re looking for something sweet and substantial.


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Teeccino can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts in Cupertino, Piazza’s Fine Foods, Mollie Stones and Country Sun in Palo Alto. The product is also available for purchase through the company’s website at http://teeccino.com/. While Teeccino may not be as convenient as Starbucks, the product is available a most natural food stores in the tea section.


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A box of 10 “tee-bags” sells for $4.99, while an 11 o.z. bag of the herbal coffee grinds sells for $9.99 (makes about 30 servings). A box of Teeccino is a far more reasonable option than a daily trip to Starbucks, and your nervous system and intestines will thank you for it!



While a serving of a Teeccino drink does contain 4g carbs, we think the pros of this product outweigh the carbs. Teeccino could be a wonderful crutch for the far too common coffee habit and because one serving packs 48 mg of potassium, it’s a much smarter option than an acidic cup of decaf.  It can provide a tasty pick me up in the morning or perhaps save you from the late night munchies, when you’re craving something rich and sweet. Drink it plain if you like it strong or make your own caffeine-free latte with some soy or fat free milk.


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