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GreenLite New Product Tuesdays

The Facts:

If you are as obsessed with Questbars as our staff here at GreenLite is, these brand new flavors of Questbars will rock your world, and your GreenLite diet. We just can’t get enough of the outstanding nutritional stats of Quest Bars, and the 17-19g of fiber each bar packs (which we all know is something tricky to incorporate on the GreenLite program). So if you’ve gotten a bit bored with your go to Almond or Peanut Questbar flavors, these Apple Pie and Chocolate Brownie flavors will not only add some variety to your routine, but your taste buds will definitely thank you for it.


Apple Pie

Apple Pie Questbars available at GreenLite


4/6 greenlite stars


Apple pie has never been so healthy! These bars contain real pieces of dried apple, with a wonderful hint of cinnamon. The Apple Pie flavor is noticeably sweeter than it’s Quest bar cousins, but they’re the perfect fix for anyone with a sweet tooth! These bars have the same texture as the Almond and Peanut flavor, but the added apple pieces do make the bar and bit less dense. Granted, this bar does not taste exactly like an apple pie, and does still have a bit of the “protein bar” flavor, but the overall taste definitely suggests grandma’s home-made classic.

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar available at GreenLite


4/6 greenlite stars


For those of you with an weakness for chocolaty treats, the Chocolate Brownie Quest Bars will definitely fulfill your chocolate hankering. We think the Chocolate Brownie bar is perhaps the most “authentic” tasting of mock-dessert treats. This bar has a rich chocolaty flavor and great brownie-like texture. Try it warmed up in the microwave for 15 seconds for an even more authentic brownie experience.


5/5 greenlite stars


GreenLite has just started carrying both flavors in all our offices! Quest bars are definitely a top seller here at GreenLite, so pick up a bar and try each of the new flavors at your next visit. If you haven’t jumped on the Questbar bandwagon, you’re missing out!


4/6 greenlite stars


In our offices, we are selling Apple Pie and Chocolate Brownie bars sell for the same price as the Peanut and Almond flavors. Considering the nutritional stats, small ingredient list (no preservatives!), and decadent flavoring, we think $2.80 is a more than reasonable price. We haven’t been able to find Quest bars in any type of retail store, so if you’re not active on our program and want to give these bars a try, feel free to stop by!


We are loving the new variety of Questbar flavors and GreenLite, because variety is an huge factor in sucess while on a diet program. Questbars are perfect when you’re on the run, and don’t leave you feeling deprived (in terms of hunger and taste!). The folks at Quest make low-carbing seem easy as pie. If you’re feeling adventerous, try combining Questbar flavors! Cut 2 different flavored Questbars in half and then squish the two different halves together. Try Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Apple & Peanut butter or Chocolate & Almond, get creative with these tasty treats!

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or inquiries for our New Product Tuesdays segment, please feel free to email us at products@greenlitemedicine.com

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