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 GreenLite New Product Tuesdays

One of the most common questions we get in our GreenLite front office is about the mysterious jar of powdery substance on the top shelf of our product case. This weeks edition of New Product Tuesdays is set to clear up that mystery. That peculiar powdery product is none other than Bell Plantain’s Powdered Peanut Butter!! (also famously known as PB2). A food product this atypical or “strange” may be off-putting or intimidating at first glance, but PB2 could be a wonderful, delicious and healthy addition to your GreenLite program (even the decadent chocolate flavor!).

Nutritional Info 

Serving Size: 2 Tbsp


Fat: 1.5g

Carbs: 5-6g

Protein: 4-5g

Sugars: 1-3g

Fiber: 2g

Protein Exchange:1/2

Carb Exchange: 1/2


PB2 is essentially, high quality roasted peanuts with almost all of the oil squeezed out of peanuts, and what’s you’re left with is the roasted peanut powder. There are no chemicals involved in this process, so PB2 is still an all-natural peanut butter alternative. Simply add water, milk or a non-dairy milk alternative in order to “reconstitute” the powder, into your more typical, peanut butter substance. PB2 has all of the protein and peanut-y flavor but a fraction of the fat and calories! Which means none of the guilt that goes along with eating it right off the spoon!



While PB2 doesn’t taste exactly like its’ full fat competitor, you definitely get more than what you bargain for in terms of taste vs. calories. PB2 still has that distinct, nutty flavor, with the salty-sweet undertones that real peanut butter is renowned for. The chocolate flavor is especially delicious and decadent, you’ll feel like you’re “cheating”, but you’ll really be right on track. The consistency of this product is not as “sticky” as regular peanut butter, but ultimately the consistency or thickness is entirely up to the consumer. The packaging recommends 1 TBS of liquid per 2 TBS of powder, but play around a bit with the powder to water ratio until you find the consistency you like.


4/5 greenlite stars
Both flavors of PB2 is conveniently sold in all of our GreenLite offices! Pick up a jar and see what we’re raving about at your next visit!


We sell jars of PB2 for $9 in our offices. While this may seem a bit pricey for your average jar of peanut butter, think of it as paying a few extra pennies to save tons of excess calories and grams of fat. We think of it as money well spent, and once you try it, you just might get hooked!


While PB2 may not be as “indistinguishable” from real peanut butter, as the label claims it to be, this product is a delicious and healthy alternative for dieter’s and non-dieters alike. There are even times when perhaps PB2 would be a more suitable option than regular, sticky peanut butter, in terms of flavor or consistency. Th applications of this product are limitless! Add a serving to your Greek yogurt for a rich and creamy tasting “peanut butter pudding”, mix it in with your protein shakes, or make your own fruit dip for a mid morning snack. You can even use it for savory dishes, like stir-frys or marinades. Check out the recipe section on Bell Plantain’s website for more fun and tasty ideas!


If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or inquiries for our New Product Tuesdays segment, please feel free to email us at products@greenlitemedicine.com


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