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New product tuesdays 01

We’re starting a new, weekly blog segment here on the GreenLite blog. So watch keep your eyes peeled for our Tuesday product reviews of amazing, GreenLite friendly products for our fantastic clients!

Middle East Company Carb Watch Pitas

Nutritional Info:

Low Carb Pita, Carb Watch

1 Serving: 1/2 Pita
Calories: 35
Carb exchange: 1/2

The Facts:

When you’re hankering for a carb fix, these low carb pitas are the perfect “indulgence” to satisfy your carb craving. These pitas are deliciously soft and chewy with that quintessential pita taste. They’re made with all natural ingredients and soy flour, which adds a boost of protein and allows them to last a while in your pantry and freeze well.

Our Review:


Greenlite 5

5/5 GreenLites

You’d never guess these pita’s are low carb, except for their chewy texture, but we view that as a plus! Their nutrition stats are phenomenal and we’re loving the protein AND the fiber. We think these pitas taste exactly like their high carb cousins.


Greenlite 3

3/5 GreenLites

These pitas are a bit difficult to find around town, but can be located Milk Pail in Mountain View, The Real Food Company in San Francisco, Piazza in Palo Alto, and Molly Stone Locations, but they are definitely worth the trek!


describe the image

5/5 GreenLites

At $2.50 for 6 pitas, we think this deal is a steal!

Our Suggestions:

Since the serving size is for half a pita, cut them in half right away and put them in the freezer. This way you won’t be tempted to over indulge or eat them all before they spoil. Although these are a low carb, healthier version of a pita, they still do contain half a GreenLite carbohydrate exchange per serving, so be sure to watch your portion sizes.  They hold up well in the toaster or microwave, and for a special lunch or dinner treat, make a pita pizza with salsa or pasta sauce, some low fat cheese and your protein topping of choice. You can also dip them in some babganoush (a great low carb option) or make a Mediterranean quesadilla with Low-fat Feta cheese.

Because these are an actual bread product, these pitas are more ideal for the GreenLite Maintenance and Transition Phases. If you are in the Acute Weight Loss Phase, limit these pitas to once a week, and reserve them for intense carb cravings, just make sure to keep a track of your carb count for the day.

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