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GreenLite New Product Tuesdays


Here at GreenLite we believe that preparation, education and PROTEIN are the foundation to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss success. This week’s New Product Tuesday is all about a tool that could not only help to aide in your protein consumption, and make some of cumbersome tasks that go along with living a healthy “do it yourself” lifestyle, much more convenient.
This week we are raving in favor of BlenderBottles!! BlenderBottles are essentially a hybrid between the average kitchen blender and your typical wire whisk. While the common application of Blender Bottles are protein shakes, these handy little tools can be used to so much more.  While prepackaged protein shakes may truly be the most convenient option for those in a hurry, we think the quality of freshly mixed protein shakes and customization that Blender Bottles provide, far surpass that convenience factor. The surgical-grade, stainless steel wire ball banishes all traces of clumps and chunks in every blended concoction, and the wide, pourable spout makes drinking and pouring mess-less and effortless. Simply add ingredients and shake to your heart’s content!


Quality & Utility:

4/5 greenlite stars


BlenderBottles are available in both plastic and stainless steel containers. The uses of these shakers surpass those of a convenient and wonderfully blended protein shake. They can be used for scrambling egg with milk and spices, mixing home made salad dressings, maranades or sauces. Check out the recipe section of the BlenderBottle website for more creative ideas. The plastic version ( and the original BlenderBottle invention) is BPA free and dishwasher safe and available in 20 oz. and 28 oz. sizes. The overall quality of the shaker is great, the lid fits snugly, with no leaking, which makes it perfect for throwing your purse or gym bag while running out the door. The wire ball does a fantastic job mixing the contents, and because of the precise fit of all the parts, no shake is too hard for these bottles. There are even convenient liquid measurement markings on the outside of the bottles to make portion control a breeze!
The stainless steel variety are available from Fit & Fresh in a 26 oz. size, these may come in handy for those who have an aversion to plastic containers, a common gripe with the plastic BlenderBottle is that over time and after repeated-use, the plastic does began to degrade and the plastic can absorb various smells from food products. However, the con’s with this stainless steel version is that the lid can often be tricky to close tightly (a strong point of their competition) and some people notice a bit of a metallic after taste.


4/5 greenlite stars
Great news for GreenLite Clients! We just recently started carrying 20 oz. Blender Bottles in our offices! The original plastic bottles can also be purchased online from blenderbottle.com in a variety of sizes (as well as a convenient carrying sling). The stainless steel container is available from Fit&Fresh.com.


5/5 greenlite stars

In our GreenLite offices we are selling our BlenderBottles for $10 each. However, for a limited time we are having a 20% off sale, which means you can steal them for $8 a piece! Through the BlenderBottle website, the 20 oz. version goes for $8.49, before shipping and handling. The stainless steel version is available for $14.99 through the Fit&Fresh website. Considering the endless applications of this bottle and the ammount of clean up time that can be saved as a result of using it, this product is more than worth these retail prices.


BlenderBottles are a great and convenient tool for maximizing your protein intake ( and minimizing your clean up) in the most convenient way possible. The over all quality of the bottle and whisk are durable, sturdy and completely functional. When using the BlenderBottle, it should be noted that powders mix best when liquid is added first and make sure you press the lid down until you hear a “snap” for zero leakage. We love BlenderBottles here at GreenLite and have said farewell to lumps and clumps for good!

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or inquiries for our New Product Tuesdays segment, please feel free to email us at products@greenlitemedicine.com

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