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There are so many benefits associated with freezing foods.  Freezing foods is not only a great way to save money but is a dieting plan timesaver when food prepping.  If you do not know the basics, below are some tips on how to get started.

Freeze Fresh Foods: Freezing old foods will not make the food newer.  But if you freeze fresh food, the quality of food you get when reheating will be much better.  This requires a bit of planning, because sometimes, you forget about that chili that is a few days too old to eat or freeze.  Thinking a few steps ahead will certainly pay off in the long run.

Portion Control: Freezing foods gives you a great opportunity to reinforce portion control.  Freeze foods in portion sizes that are in line with your dieting plan.  

Label Frozen Meals: Do not forget to label the foods you freeze.  A month from now, you may have forgotten what you placed in the freezer last night.  Come up with a system.  Use a black marker for raw foods you are freezing and a blue marker for cooked foods.  Add the date and contents to each container, too.  Even foods frozen at the peak of freshness may be hard to recognize after being in the freezer for a few weeks.  Avoid the case of the mystery frozen meal, and label your frozen meal containers!

To Keep or Throw Away: Freezing does not kill bacteria.  When in doubt, throw it out.

Properly Store Foods: Foods that are not properly wrapped can get freezer burned, which are not safe to eat.  Be sure to freeze foods in airtight bags or containers.

Freeze Cooled Foods: Before placing seal-tight bags and containers of food in the freezer, be sure to make sure the food has cooled down.  Placing hot foods in the freezer may cause other foods to begin to defrost.

Refreezing Foods: When refreezing foods, be sure to refreeze after the food has been cooked or warmed again.  If food is thawed and placed back into the freezer, it can be dangerous.  Bacteria will grow during the thawing process.  Cooking the food will kill the bacteria that grew when the meal was thawing.

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