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red-417101_640According to the National Institute of Health, approximately one-third of the adult population is affected by obesity and two-thirds is considered overweight.  Obesity is a medical condition where the body stores excess fat, which can lead to health problems, such as sleep apnea, heart disease, and/or Type II diabetes.  Unfortunately, according to a 2014 report by the Center for Disease Control, approximately 10% of the population have been diagnosed with diabetes.  This number does not include those who have diabetes but have not been diagnosed.  Fortunately, with weight-loss and healthy lifestyle changes, you can greatly improve your well-being and reduce your diabetes risk.  

One of the easiest ways to achieve this weight-loss is simply by eating in more often.  According to a recent study by Harvard University, people who eat in five to seven nights per week had a 15% lower chance of developing Type II diabetes compared to those who eat in only zero to two nights per week.  Similarly, those who eat in for lunches at least five days per week had a 9% lower chance.  Of course, eating in is not always easy.  Below are some tips to help you eat in more often to ultimately help you on your healthy weight-loss journey.

Plan ahead.  Ideally, try to shop and plan all of your meals, including snacks, for the week.  At minimum, plan for at least one day at a time.  Even if you are not able to cook everything, you can still wash and chop, so the process will be faster when you are ready to cook.  And when you do have leftovers, save the food for your next meal.  All of these are things you can do to help you not end up grabbing something unhealthy at the nearest fast food restaurant while you are moving about your day.

Switch things up.  Even though you are eating in, that does not mean that the meals have to be boring.  Try a new recipe once a week to keep your taste buds engaged.  You can check out new recipe books, ask friends and family for ideas, or visit Greenlite Medicine’s recipes page.

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