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silhouette-683751_1280by Heynia Cooley


How often do you weigh yourself on a scale?  Do you identify your feelings of  happiness based on the number you see on the scale? Most people feel some sort of emotion related to losing weight, but does weight loss alone make us happier? Losing physical weight may not necessarily be a prescription for happiness if the need to be thin is a priority to being healthy.

It is apparent how weight loss affects the body, but how does it affect the mind in terms of happiness? Think for instance how some of you feel when you get on the scale and notice you have lost weight. Most have feelings of happiness, excitement, and feel validated that all the hard work and effort has paid off.  The question is…is it the loss of weight and the number reflected on the scale, ultimately what makes you happy? Or is it the positive changes you have made in your life to lose the weight that make you happy? Choosing a healthier lifestyle and surrounding yourself by equally minded and supportive individuals and environments, not only improves mood, spirit and thoughts, but may also help with weight loss.

The next time you weigh yourself, try not to focus entirely on what the scale shows but rather on how you feel and the positive changes occurring as a result of incorporating a healthier lifestyle.  A holistic weight loss plan that promotes well-balanced and nutritious eating and exercise,  is beneficial physically, mentally and emotionally. Removing sugary, starchy and processed foods from the diet, improves sleep, reduces bloating and inflammation, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Equally worth noting, is that for each pound of body weight lost, there is a 4-pound reduction in knee joint stress. Healthy changes in brain chemistry, metabolism and an overall increase in energy occurs.

When focus is shifted on becoming healthy rather than being thin, weight loss ensues and feelings of overall happiness develop. As you continue to lose weight, celebrate the new “you” that is transforming each day and how happy you are becoming both externally and internally with yourself. The positive changes you are making in your life will influence happier thoughts and improve body image.

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