What is Your Exercise Personality?

Doing the same workout routine over and over again is no fun.  There are so many unique ways to get a good, well-rounded exercise while trying to lose weight.  A fun way to narrow down your options while selecting a new way to burn calories is to consider pinpointing your exercise personality.  Everyone has one, and the sooner you figure yours out, the easier it will be to enjoy being active. (more…)

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Yoga or Pilates

The number one New Year’s resolution of Americans is to get healthier and exercise more.  Gyms and fitness classes are filled to the brim with people in their shiny new clothing trying to get in shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Pilates and yoga are two of the most popular classes, and devotees will each argue that their class is better, which begs the question: which is better?

The answer is a very simple one when it comes to exercise.  The best exercise is the one you enjoy doing and actually stick with.  That preference may vary and change over time, which is totally OK.  Mixing things up not only prevents boredom but works different muscle groups.  This keeps your body from being bored.  If you are considering trying yoga or Pilates this year and are wondering which one is “better,” take a look at some of the unique characteristics of each. (more…)

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20-Minute Workouts – No Gym Membership Needed

We all ha3lfjvve those days when scheduling a workout seems challenging.  Instead of thinking there is no way to get in a workout for your fat loss, take the time to get in just 20 minutes.  If you ar wondering what you can do, below are a few ideas that do not involve a gym or equipment other than athletic shoes.  

Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks is a great form of aerobic exercise that encourages fat loss.  It helps elevate the heart and deliver oxygen to the bloodstream.  Because you are moving your core muscle groups while performing jumping jacks, they also serve as a good strengthening exercise.  You can burn about 218 calories if you do jumping jacks for 20 minutes.  Tip: Add an extra 5 minutes to this routine, and you can burn 250 calories.  If you want to mix things up, try a routine that incorporates jumping jacks and pushups. (more…)

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5 Olympic Sports You Should Try

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svgWatching the world’s most skilled athletes compete in the Summer Olympic Games is inspiring and exhilarating.  We get three weeks every 4 years to watch a plethora of sports being performed at the world’s top level, but we do not have to wait 4 years to celebrate some of the sports that we only tend to pay attention to during the Olympics.  We can incorporate some events into our workout routines every day to boost our weight-loss program. (more…)

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Exercise: A Keystone Habit to Your Weight-Loss

exercise_2190595bIt is common knowledge that exercise is an integral component of health and wellness.  Exercise helps you burn calories and is a keystone habit – a habit that leads to the development of multiple good habits.  You probably have heard that if you exercise then you should also lose weight.  This is true to some degree, but it is not always the case.  Let us take a look at where and how exercise can actually help in the weight-loss process. (more…)

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