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Many of us have experienced positive and negative reactions from people when trying to lose weight.  People who support and encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle are great.  They keep you motivated and hold you accountable.  The negative folks, even if they do not mean to, may make it difficult to keep up with those positive changes.  People may try to sabotage your healthy changes in various ways – asking if you lose weight too fast, leaving you out of social gatherings involving food, or leaving unhealthy food options around you.  It is even more difficult when the saboteur is a close friend or family member.  You cannot afford to let saboteurs take you off track, so here are a few ways to deal with them.

Do not take it personally: Often times, when people are not being supportive of you and your goals, it is not, because they do not believe that you cannot accomplish a goal or necessarily have ill intent.  People are working out their own set of issues and dealing with their own insecurities.  Their lack of support may have nothing to do with you personally.  Keeping this in mind may be helpful when dealing with coworkers who try to sabotage your plan to lose weight or people who you periodically spend time with.

Address their behavior: For relationships that are a little more involved, you addressing the behaviors that you feel demonstrate their lack of support may be helpful.  Be sure to highlight specific moments or comments that have made you feel that they do not have your best interest in mind.  Carefully choose your words.  The last thing you want is for them to feel judged by you.  This may lead to an unproductive saboteur intervention.

Surround yourself with positivity: One negative voice does not stand a chance against 100 positive voices.  Surround yourself with positivity every chance you get.  Write notes to yourself and leave them in places that you see frequently.  Purposely spend time with people who encourage you.

Acknowledge change: If your significant other, best friend or sibling is not motivating you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it may be, because they are afraid of change.  Acknowledge that change can be scary and remind them of how important they are to you.  It may even be appropriate to address the role they play in your decision to make this lifestyle change.  Sometimes, people are afraid that if you lose weight, your relationship with them may change.

Reexamine relationships: While people do not usually mean to harm us, there are times when this is the issue.  If you believe that the majority of the time this person has your best interest in mind, then keep them around.  If you believe their intent is mostly negative, now is the time to reexamine their role in your life.  It is okay to love people from a distance, especially when they do not consider your best interest in most cases.


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