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4070654377_d8ef45e741_bOne of the issues that people find most challenging when starting a new weight-loss plan is giving up foods that they are used to eating.  People tend to have an emotional attachment to food and sometimes find it difficult to change their eating patterns even if that means favorite foods are bad for their health.

However, eating healthy does not mean giving up flavor.  It just requires some creativity to help satisfy your cravings without giving up on taste.  For example, many people could not imagine their lives without mashed potatoes and balk at the idea of using cauliflower as a substitute.  But more often than not, not only do they not miss potatoes, but they actually prefer the cauliflower.  This also happens when substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream and kale chips in place of potato chips.

The GreenLite weight-loss plan steers away from high-carb foods and focuses on real, high-protein foods.  Below are some common food favorites that are high in carbs with some easy substitutions that are compatible with the GreenLite weight-loss plan.

If You Like: Tortillas for soft tacos or sandwich wraps
Try: Large, leafy greens like kale, chard, or beet tops
Carbs Saved: 31g
Breakdown: 3 leaves of kale (5g carbs) vs. 3 tortillas (36g carbs) 

If You Like: Standard hamburger buns
Try: Roasted portabello mushrooms
Carbs Saved: 16g
Breakdown: 2 large mushroom caps (5g carbs) vs. 1 bun (21g carbs) 

If You Like: Traditional lasagna noodles
Try: Thinly sliced zucchini layers
Carbs Saved: 20g
Breakdown: 1 medium zucchini  (6g carbs) vs. 2 sheets of lasagna (26g carbs)

If You Like: Mashed potatoes
Try: Mashed cauliflower
Carbs Saved: 9g
Breakdown: ¼ cup cauliflower (2g carbs) vs. ¼ cup red potato (11g carbs)

If You Like: Crackers
Try: Sliced cucumbers
Carbs Saved: 48g
Breakdown: 50g cucumber with peel (2g carbs) vs. 50g saltine crackers (33g carbs)

These ideas are meant to spark kitchen creativity.  You should always consult your weight-loss plan’s manual and be cognizant of your daily macronutrient unit intake.  Stay tuned for even more creative ways to cut carbs!  If you have any creative carbs ideas, let us know below.


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