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cucumberMintDetoxWe are always looking for creative ways to substitute the foods you love with delicious, healthy versions. Effective weight-loss requires a little kitchen ingenuity with some trial and error.  But, don’t be afraid to mix things up!  Remember that healthy living is a marathon, not a sprint, so the key is to find key staples that you can make on a regular basis.  If you are on Pinterest, check out our boards that are brimming with great ideas to inspire you.

Read on for more of our low carb substitute ninja tricks:

If You Like: Traditional flour pasta
Try: Italian squash noodles
Carbs Saved: 8g
Breakdown: 2 ounces cooked pasta = 14g carbs vs. 1 medium Italian squash = 6g carbs

If You Like: Potato chips
Try: Kale chips
Carbs Saved: 8g
Breakdown: 1 ounce average potato chip serving = 15g carbs vs. 1 quarter of a batch of kale chips made from one bunch = 7g carbs

If You Like: Breadcrumbs
Try: Ground almonds (use unsalted)
Carbs Saved: 29g
Breakdown: ½ cup white breadcrumbs = 39g carbs vs. ½ cup ground almonds* = 10g carbs 
*Be sure that you are keeping track of the almonds used, they add up quickly!

If You Like: Potatoes in potato salad
Try: Chopped cauliflower chunks
Carbs Saved: 9g
Breakdown:  ½ cup potatoes = 12g carbs vs. ½ cup cauliflower = 3g carbs

If You Like: French fries
Try: Baked zucchini sticks
Carbs Saved: 29g
Breakdown: 16 large French fries = 58g carbs vs. 16 baked zucchini sticks = 29g carbs

If You Like: Soda
Try: Plain seltzer with lime, mint, and sliced cucumbers
Carbs Saved: 39g
Breakdown: 12 ounces average cola = 39g carbs vs. 12 ounces seltzer = 0g carbs

If You Like: Scalloped potatoes
Try: Tempeh
Carbs Saved: 10g
Breakdown: 1 cup scalloped potatoes = 26g carbs vs. 1 cup tempeh = 16g carb

Always consult your diet manual and be cognizant of your daily macronutrient intake to maintain effective weight-loss.

Tip: If you have not invested yet in a vegetable spiralizer, you are missing out!  These little gems transform vegetables into spiral cuts, shoestrings, veggie “noodles,” ribbons and much more.  Eating vegetables using a spiralizer adds new texture to pasta dishes, salads, stir fries, etc., while simultaneously getting in more nutrients and keeping carb counts low.  You can use a variety of vegetables (and fruits), such as zucchini, carrots, cucumber, and squash.  They come with a variety of options and accessories.  You can get a basic hand-held one for about $9.00 at most big box stores. Spiralizers are a must-have and an invaluable tool in a healthy weight-loss kitchen.

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