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Crossminton, or Speedminton, offers great benefits that make it a must on your summer to-do list. If you are not familiar, it is a racket game that combines elements from other sports, such as squash, tennis, and badminton. Prior to January 2016, the sport was associated with the brand name Speedminton but is now often referred to as Crossminton. Below are a few reasons why Crossminton is worth trying before the summer is over.

The Basics: Each player has an assigned square, measuring about 18ft. each.  The distance between the squares is about 42ft.  The goal of the game is to get the speeder to land on the square of the opposite player.  If you get the speeder to the opposite square, you get a point.  If it lands outside of the square, the opponent gets that point.  Both players are allowed to step in and out of their square at any time during the match.  Whoever reaches 16 points first, wins that set.

Anytime, Anywhere: Because there is neither a net nor prescribed playground in Crossminton, it can be played almost anywhere.  You can play on tennis courts, in backyards, in gyms, or on open fields.  All you need is a racket per player and a speeder.  The rackets are very similar to squash rackets.

Burns Calories: Crossminton is played at a faster speed than similar sports like badminton.  Between running, hitting, and overall body movement, you can burn up to 400 calories an hour while playing Crossminton.  It is a great way to stay active while on the on the path to lose weight.

Tones Muscle: Because there is quite a bit of movement and stretching involved, Crossminton also helps tone the body, targeting the arms and legs the most.  The type of movement also helps engage back muscles.

Increased Flexibility: Crossminton is great for flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and staying limber.  Like tennis and other racquet sports, you have to stay fast on your feet and your body is in constant motion.

Family Fun & Affordability: There is nothing like family fun during summer months.  Crossminton gives your family a new way to have fun without breaking the bank while also supporting your goal to lose weight.  A starter kit can be purchased for less than thirty dollars.  If you are really trying to save coins, you can gather up similar equipment you already have and still enjoy the benefits of Crossminton without reaching into your pockets at all.

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