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mantraHaving a personal mantra could be the difference between smoothly attaining a goal, such as to lose weight, versus fighting tooth and nail to reach that goal.  If you are not familiar with a mantra, it is simply a sound, word, or group of words that are meaningful to you and used to promote positive change.  Words have power, and it is important that we are intentional about the words we choose.  Here are some basics to get you started with creating your own mantra:

Own It: Your mantra is unique to you, so own it.  Consider the things that matter to you most.  What makes your excited or causes you to feel alive?  Where do your passions lie?  Consider those things and start brainstorming.  Once you have figured it out, you will know how to identify your mantra.

Listen to Your Intuition: Humans are very intuitive.  Many times we disregard our intuition for no good reason at all.  If you know in your heart that there is a phrase that resonates with you, go with it!  If you find that it is not quite right for you, change it.  Finding a mantra is not a static event but rather a fluid one.

Keep it Positive: When crafting your mantra, remember to keep things positive.  You may use your mantra to combat a negative area in your life, but you want to keep a positive spin on the situation.  For example, replace a phrase such as “I am ashamed of my body, and I need to lose weight” with “A healthy lifestyle will give me the tools I need to lose weight.”

Pick a Virtue: If you are hoping to develop a virtue such as patience, you can include that word into your mantra.  You may even just use the word “patience” as your mantra.  You may even select a short quote or bible verse that correlates with that particular virtue.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Keep your mantra short and simple.  It does not have to be a complicated sentence or saying to be effective.  The most important thing is that the mantra resonates with you and helps you move toward positive life goals.

There is not one path to creating the perfect mantra, but these are some ways to help you get started.  We often have negative thoughts or phrases floating around in our minds.  A mantra not only helps combat that but helps create a more positive pattern of thoughts.  If you are trying to change an unhealthy behavior, a mantra may help you restructure the way you think about a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.  Now that you have the tools to get started, what is your mantra?


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