Should You Consider Adding An Obesity-Reduction Program
To Your Wellness Offering?

Obesity is associated with a 36% increase in spending on
healthcare services, more than smoking or problem drinking. More
than 42% of U.S. companies have implemented obesity-reduction
programs in 2012, and 24% more said they plan to do so. Why?

Direct and Indirect Costs

Direct medical costs due to obesity are easiest to calculate, coming
in at $147 billion in 2008. Nearly $40 billion of increased medical
spending in 2006 was found to be due to the increased prevalence
of obesity. Across all players, obese people had medical spending
that was $1429 (42%) greater than spending for normal-weight
people in 2006.

Medical spending chart

The total cost of Obesity to U.S. companies as a result of lower
productivity and absenteeism is estimated at $73.1 billion per year.

Here is a comparison looking just at workman’s compensation:

Workman Comp Conversion

Obesity’s Healthcare Impact

The extra weight leads to at least 100,000 deaths annually.
Overweight and obese individuals are at a much higher risk for
hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia (seen above), in addition
to heart attacks, strokes, arthritis and some cancers.

111 million US adults are overweight with a weight related disease
or are obese (BMI ≥ 27 kg/m² with a weight related disease or ≥ 30

  • 88% (97 million) have at least 1 weight related disease.
  • 19.8% (~21.9 million) have 3 weight related diseases.

Prevalence Of Obesity And Weight-Related Comorbidities

GreenLite Medicine – Your Obesity Expert Partner

With GreenLite Medicine’s Learn, Lose and Live program, clients
start losing weight under medical supervision in a structured and
supportive environment. The behavioral and nutritional
modifications lead to successful losses and empowerment.
Mindset and lifestyle changes are reinforced with continued
success and support.

A sustained 10% weight loss will reduce an overweight person’s
lifetime medical costs by $2200-$5300 by lowering costs
associated with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease,
stroke and high cholesterol. We can track measurable differences
in these bio-metric parameters including blood pressure, glucose,
and lipid panels, in as little as a few months. Clients have
more energy and improved health. Employers find improved
presenteeism and reduced absenteeism, AND direct reduction in
health care costs.

GreenLite Medicine is 4x more effective that most commercial programs

*Actual weight loss may vary

We are 4x more effective that most commercial programs and can
provide similar weight loss results as lap bands or gastric
sleeve surgeries, but without the surgery.  *(Actual weight loss may vary)

Because we focus lifestyle change, our goal is not only to
achieve acute weight loss, but create a foundation for long term
weight maintenance. Many co-morbid diseases such as blood
pressure, cholesterol, certain cancer risk and cardiovascular risks
are simultaneously impacted.

Engagement is an issue for many wellness programs however,
weight loss may be unique in that many of your employees will
want to participate! In addition, the ACA final rules on workplace
wellness programs have set the maximum wellness reward
amounts to 30% for either an Activity-Only or Outcome-Based
Wellness Program. Our weight loss program can meet the health
related standard for either categories for an individual to
receive a reward. Rewards have been demonstrated to be powerful
incentives for engagement and improved ROI in wellness programs.

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