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Beth P Weight Loss Success Testimonial - 30lbs lost!

Beth P.

Age: 42 years old

Start Weight: 175 lbs

End Weight: 145 lbs*

Weight Lost: 30 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Being able to teach her children about healthy choices

Most Mindful Tip: Always have back-ups for the moments of hunger

“I love the fact that I got ‘me’ back.” I decided to join GreenLite Medicine because I needed the accountability. I always used to put the needs of others in my family first and pushed myself to the back seat. I chose the GreenLite program because I liked that the program could be individualized. I have food allergies and found it hard to manage how to eat “real foods” without help. I was also interested in making a lifestyle change that was more than just losing weight. GreenLite was the right fit and they were honest with me about expectations. 

I began in June of 2012 and did the program for a year. At one point, my father in law died and my husband was out of the country, and I was proud I had the habits to maintain my weight under those horrible circumstances. GreenLite gave me great support to be stable, Holly and Nancy have been my cheerleaders!

Something that has really helped me has been to always have protein bars or beef jerky with me so that I am not reacting to hunger and making poor food choices. Instead, I am prepared. Also, having water and Mio water flavorings make it easier to get water in because it feels like a treat. My favorite exercise is to walk with music – I have to do something I enjoy.

I enjoy cooking and baking with my kids and I like the fact that I can introduce them to better ingredients and choices. One of my kids was even excited about buying kale! I can teach my children how to have balance, something my mother never was able to do for me. I can teach my children how to love themselves and be kind to themselves.

I love the fact that I got “me” back. I really enjoy shopping and where I am mentally. I’m more positive about myself. My outside reflects my inside!

*Actual Results May Vary

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