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Shirley M. 

Age: 64 years old

Start Weight: 202 lbs

End Weight: 146 lbs*

Weight Lost: 56 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Horseback riding for longer and doing more exercises

Most Mindful Tip: Prepare high-protein, low-carb snacks. 

“I’m also able to receive support even after reaching my weight loss goal, and this is important for my long term plan to keep it off!”

My older brother has challenged each of us to do “something that would push us” on the occasion of our 60th birthdays — he was able to train for and climb Mt. Whitney. I turned 60 this year, so it was my turn to take on a challenge. Although my original plan was a horseback riding adventure in Europe, a series of injuries and personal issues took that off the table. I began to realize it was time to address my weight and fitness levels. I would not only “push” myself, but I was determined to fulfill horseback riding in Europe when the time came. The only way to achieve my goals was if I lost 60 pounds.*

Over the years, I’ve tried “one of everything” when it came to dieting, and I had moderate to significant results. Unfortunately, none of them lasted long. After spending almost two months faithfully following a popular eating plan, I actually ended up gaining a couple of pounds. Not knowing what else to do, I reached out to friends who lost a significant amount of weight, and GreenLite came up in several conversations. After some research, I realized that much of the “conventional” diet wisdom (lots of fruit, unlimited veggies, and low protein) didn’t work for my metabolism, and I thought perhaps GreenLite’s program would.

I made my first appointment the week after Easter in 2011. I was favorably impressed with the intake process, the requirement for blood work, blood pressure check’s every week, and access to a medical consultant at any time. Molly is my health educator and has been there for me throughout my entire weight loss journey. She not only was supportive and encouraging, but she also helped me realize that my “excuses” would interfere with my weight loss process. The medical provider Kira has given great advice on how to incorporate exercise that is not only strengthening, but also metabolism-boosting.

I chose GreenLite for several reasons: the program has worked for friends, the weekly visits addressed my need for support and encouragement, and it helped counteract my tendency to procrastinate! I’m also able to receive support even after reaching my weight loss goal, and this is important for my long term plan to keep it off!

I started transition and maintenance the week after Christmas the same year. I’m six weeks into maintenance, and still continuing to learn a lot about how I need to live in this new healthy body. Dropping sixty pounds and five clothing sizes* has brought not only a new wardrobe, but different possibilities for exercise and fitness including riding horses lighter, longer, and with more balance.

I’ve spent most of my life really hating exercise and I can’t say I really enjoy it now, but I’m definitely seeing the results. I use a stationary bike 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Mixing up the speeds and resistance give me both a cardio and strength workout. I blew out my knee a year ago, so the bike exercises keep me out of surgery. I’m also horseback riding 3-4 days a week. My horse seems to love his “new” rider, and we’re out longer than ever before. Recently I’ve added an exercise class, Fit45, at a local Dojo. With attendees at all levels of fitness, the class always provides several different intensity levels.

I’ve been a conservative dresser all my life, and I’m blessed with a daughter in her twenties who keeps me out of “old people” clothes. With the new weight loss, I’m wearing more form-fitting clothes, enjoying styles and fashions I’ve previously bypassed, and even joining my daughter and her friends in costume events!

As the minister of a United Methodist Church, I spend much of the summer working with children and youth at camps. I can’t wait for this summer to try out the “new body” on the trails, swimming, and keeping up with the campers. I got a taste of it last summer when I was 40 lbs down from the previous summers, so this summer will be great! My spare time that is not spent with the horses is dedicated to knitting, spinning, and weaving. In the past, I didn’t make clothes for me. It was too much work for the significant chance that I wouldn’t fit them. I’m happily working on (and finished) several garments in the ongoing process of creating an entire new wardrobe!

A favorite easy high-protein snack is grilled Canadian bacon with cheese, almost like a grilled cheese sandwich. Use Pam if you wish, and grill an even number of Canadian bacon rounds till lightly brown on both sides. Top half with grated non-fat cheddar, and use remainder as the topping for each little sandwich. Keep them on the heat until the cheese melts. Very high protein, very low carb and fat!

*Actual Results May Vary

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  • Gerri

    Congratulations on your success in weight loss and working towards that horseback riding adventure in Europe. Greenlite is a fabulous program as it addresses all areas that effect weight loss. I can see that your lifestyle change looks good on you! Keep up the great job and enjoy your newly found freedom!

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