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Real Weight Loss Stories | Merissa C.'s Evolution

Merissa C. 

Age: 32 years old

Start Weight: 253 lbs

End Weight: 181 lbs*

Weight Lost: 72 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Jogging and playing with her kids

Most Mindful Tip: Make sure to portion and eat the proper amount

There were many reasons why I decided to seek help with weight loss. First, it obviously was not working trying to do it by myself. I needed the support and guidance from someone else. When I heard about KRTY’s Biggest Loser competition, I knew that this was what I needed. After doing the research on Greenlite, I was optimistic that the program could and would work for me.

We started the Biggest Loser competition on March 9th, and from the second we walked into Greenlite Medicine, it was clear that everyone was there to help. The support you get is what really helps get through the program. Nancy was one of the educators that I saw regularly. I remember on the first week, I lost 11 lbs, and just started crying. She started crying with me, she knew exactly what I was feeling, and it was an amazing!!! To date, in 6 months I’ve lost 69.5 pounds!*

Getting out jogging with my kids is one of my favorite things these days. They love being outside, so anytime I take them to the park I bring my 5 lb weights and just do a few reps. Just getting little workouts in whenever I can, it actually gives me more energy throughout the day and just helps me feel really good. I love to dance, even going out at night to dance, I feel like I have so much more energy, and just have more fun in general.

Everyone at Greenlite was just as excited as I was about my nearly 70 pound weight loss.*  All the educators are there to give you any support and guidance that you need. From recipes, to food options, and making sure that you are eating enough. It’s hard to believe that sometimes you need to be eating MORE!!

It is a totally unbelievable feeling, to know that I have actually achieved this goal. Especially something that is such a struggle for me and so many people. It is so awesome to be able to go into a store and fit into normal sizes and feel good about yourself. Shopping has become so much more fun.  Having the energy to keep up with my kids is something that I appreciate so much.  Wanting to get out, and take them out, brings joy to me on a daily basis. When people I haven’t seen in a while notice my weight loss, it really makes all the hard work worth it.

Everyone at Greentlite reminds me of how awesome I am for getting to where I am today, and that is a great feeling. I know that this life change is something that I needed, and I cannot express my gratitude to Greenlite for their assistance in this journey. Their program, is something that really works, and has given me a new look on life.

*Actual Results May Vary

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    I need help.

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