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Client Spotlight Luz M.

Luz M. 

Age: 50 years old

Start Weight: 160.7 lbs

End Weight: 151 lbs*

Weight Lost: 9.7 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Not eating carbs as a vegetarian to feel full

Most Mindful Tip: Having Isopure for breakfast and eating zero carb noodles.

“GreenLite has completely changed the way I see healthy eating.” I decided I desperately needed nutrition guidance because I really didn’t know how to lose weight with a healthy approach. Diabetes is big in my family and my doctor had told me I needed to lose weight. Even if my genes say I will someday have diabetes, I want to slow the timeline or avoid it altogether by staying at a healthy weight for my age and height. My co-worker mentioned how GreenLite Medicine helped his girlfriend lose weight by eating healthy choices and protein shakes.

I knew being vegetarian I wasn’t getting enough protein and this program would guide me toward a better diet.

I joined GreenLite in late February 2013 as a B2B challenge participant. At first I wasn’t sure about joining, because I didn’t know how a program that was going to remove my pastas, breads, and other carbs was going to help me being vegetarian, as their program is geared toward more protein consumption. Well, I was so wrong! They have completely changed the way I see healthy eating and I will never, ever go back to loading on carbs to feel full. The entire staff was so friendly and professional, always making me feel good about my progress.

My exercise is biking twice a week for 5-7 miles, yoga twice a week for 45 minutes and one to two hiking outings with my family per month. It has given me so much energy that lately, instead of feeling older, I feel better than when I was younger. I’m not big on traveling but now, with a few pounds less, I feel like I could hike up Yosemite’s rocks, run at the beach, or just ride my bike for miles touring cities in my Bay Area.

My favorite food is my morning breakfast, Isopure’s Dutch chocolate protein shake. I also learned I can satisfy my love for pasta with zero carb noodles that I didn’t know were out there.

Since joining GreenLite, my entire lifestyle has changed from how active I’ve become to what my meal choices are at the grocery store as well as at restaurants. This is my new life and I’m loving it (and still losing pounds until I reach my doctor’s goal). After that, I will be maintaining it because I’m not going back to unhealthy choices — thanks to GreenLite.

*Actual Results May Vary

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