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Client Spotlight Kimberly B.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my weight. I would almost make it to my goal and then my weight would plateau. The bouncing back and forth between the gain and lose phases was just something I had accepted. It was never really a big issue until after graduating college; stress became a huge factor in my life, which led to my horrible eating habits and serious lack of motivation. Morning cinnamon buns and soda were an optimal breakfast, right? How could I go from being an active young woman, who purposely took the stairs to class, enjoyed going to the gym, and loved eating grilled fish to a person with no motivation, lack of self worth, and a sweet-a-holic? And just to think, it only took less than three months to gain 20 pounds, at this rate I was sure to be headed down a path similar to some ofmy family members; one that involved diabetes and high blood pressure. Not to mention the sudden increase in weight didn’t help with my asthma. When I noticed my clothes started fitting way too tight and I was breathing heavy going up five steps, I knew I had to take action now!

I started the program in the beginning of November, 2011. I had just turned twenty-five in September and my quarter of a century age told me it was time to start making some serious changes! When I first walked in, it just felt warm, felt like home. I had previously done weight loss programs before and always felt embarrassed to step on a scale in front of people. At GreenLite, my health educator, Nancy, made me feel at home. In fact, everyonedid! I learned a little bit from everyone. They taught me how to diffuse my stress, make healthier eating choices and I have actually been able to sleep! Cupcakes and cookies no longer plague my life and I have learned to replace them with healthy home cooked meals in addition to exercise.

I actually enjoy going to the grocery store and cooking now since I have been on the program. I was never really a cook, boiling water was aboutthe extent of my cooking abilities and not knowing the difference between transfat, low fat, etc. never really helped me make wise decisions at the grocery store. I learned how to read the back of a food label…properly and it encouraged me to try and cook new and exciting dishes!

One of my favorite recipes is GreenLite’s very own cauliflower mash! It goes as a great side with my famous garlic grilled chicken, which calls for real chucks of garlic, McCormick’s Garlic and Herb seasoning, garlic and onion powder, and a dash of garlic salt. I use Pam so the chicken doesn’t stick to the pan and burn. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of low fat feta cheese on top to add a little extra flavor!

I had tried other programs, but they never catered to my needs. GreenLite’s program follows guidelines that I had never knew about, nor tried. It was the best choice towards making a healthy lifestyle change because it taught me how to get the best nutrients from real food and vitamins, as opposedto prepackaged meals. That’s something in the long haul I knew would help me stabilize my weight once I reached my goal.

Now that I have gotten back into the swing of things, I set a goal for myself to work out at least 30 minutes a day; most of the time I can go for 40-60 minutes. I enjoy cardio, which includes cycling, elliptical, and running. I also incorporate strength training three to four times out of the week alternating between legs, arms, and abs. My gym also offers a great yoga class, I recently started and it helps to relieve some of the excess stress that builds throughout the week, while also improving my posture. By combining healthy eating and a little strength training I was able to gain 5 pounds in lean muscle mass and since I have started the program, my body fat has dropped 13.9 %.

One of my passions is to be an event planner part time. Event planners are always on the go, non-stop, have to be sharp and on their toes constantly. Now that GreenLite has given me my spark back, I have been working on a few projects for friends and family. In fact, I just finished planning ababy shower and it turned out great! Without learning how to control my stress,I don’t think I would have been able to do so! Also, instead of dedicating my time to the couch as I once did, I have considered participating in a marathon this fall. My aunt died of Breast cancer two years ago, and being able to run for a cause is something worth dedicating my time to. Not to mention I look forward to spending some time training with my friends!

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